2008 F3J Team - senior pilots selected

The 2008 team trial's were flown at the Xtreme RC Academy field, north of Pretoria on Saturday 15 September 2007. The results:
  Pilot          Berg F3J Nats Trials Overall 
1.Craig Goodrum 5,000 4,724 4,986 4,993

2.Conrad Klintworth 4,953 4,990 4,980 4,985

3.Chris Adrian 4,950 4,995 4,946 4,971
4.Michelle Goodrum 4,934 4,949 4,967 4,958
5.Mark Stockton 4,834 4,791 4,911 4,833
6.Paul Carnell 4,974 4,981 4,621 4,801
7.Dion Liebenberg 4,410 4,787 4,332 4,559
8.Ian Lessem 3,923 4,640 4,131 4,386
Following independent reviews of the above results and according to
the process published
previously, the following Senior pilots have
been selected by the MGA to represent
South Africa in Turkey at the
6th F3F World Championships in 2008:
  • Craig Goodrum
  • Chris Adrian
  • Michelle Goodrum
  • Mark Stockton (Reserve)

Our congratulations to these pilots; we wish them all well in their preperations for next year. The selection of the team managers (Senior & Junior) as well as the tow-men will follow in due course.

Fly safely,

Lionel Brink

MGA Chairperson

Feedback from SIG Chair meeting held at 4 September 2007

Other than awesome competitions & events, another of the MGA's responsibilities is representing RC Gliding within SAMAA. The forum for this is the SIG Chair meeting which is held every two months & is generally attended by all SIGs. If nothing else, I have learnt that the MGA is not so unique - all the SIGs are grappling with very similar challenges.

The following is a summary of the SIG Chair meeting, with the principle focus on our RC gliding. These are my views (& occasionally opinions), although I do try to limit this to the facts only.

  • A copy of the FAI F3B/J Sporting Code, MGA rules & team selection process, was handed over to SAMAA for the purpose of updating the Manual of Procedures.
  • Feedback from numerous World Championships attended by SA teams were discussed. In general all teams represented SA with considerable pride, but winning still eludes us & a common factor appears to be vastly differing climatic conditions. SAMAA have requested team manager reports for the F3B (and other WC teams), as well as the request for nominatioin of AeroClub awards & colours.
  • The MGA will be discussing the draft 2008 calendar at the meeting scheduled for 17 Sep 2007. The draft calendar is available as link through the MGA BLOG for comment purposes.
  • Nominations for CIAM sub-committees was requested for 15 Oct. This to be discussed at the next MGA meeting.
  • It is noted that SAMAA's new IT system will be available shortly. Clubs & SIGs may be able to access this for a monthly fee. I understood that SAMAA members would be able to access this for free via the web?
  • Considerable (!) discussion was raised regarding the matter of member discipline following the drinking & flying incident at Tamatieberg on 12 August 2007. It is important to note that the matter was not considered to be specific to RC gliding nor the MGA, as parallels were considered with all RC disciplines, and similarly with clubs. I noted that very few SIG’s have disciplinary codes, and that this governance matter would be addressed by the SIG’s separately. It was agreed that the SIG cannot be responsible for a flying site, and especially not slope sites that are also not owned/leased by RC flying clubs, irrespective of who registered the site with SAMAA . It was agreed that it was not possible for the SIG to control individuals during informal flying, IMHO the MGA instructions guiidelines & proficiency system provides sufficient guidance to mature individuals who do wish to fly RC gliders safely. It was generally agreed that all sites (including slopes) should be registered with SAMAA to indicate potential RC flying activities - the MGA will forward a list of commonly used slope sites to SAMAA for this purpose. It was also requested that any club/group/individual wishing to use a slope, send a notice to SAMAA in advance, noting the contact person, site & dates – I understood that this was necessary for insurance purposes, but (IMHO) as with all RC insurance matters this is such a grey area what is said today changes 100 times before tomorrow! It was noted that the group requesting this will be responsible for safety & discipline at the slope during this period. Further, all SAMAA members were requested to keep an eye out for unsafe practices & it was reiterated that any SAMAA member is permitted (and expected) to stop such activities if they witness them. A formal report of the drinking incident was forwarded to the club concerned, as well as to SAMAA’s safety & disciplinary committees. The MGA will also consider action at its next meeting.

Thermal Festival – HTL #5 at SGC, September 2007

What a whopper Sunday 9 September 2007 turned out to be. The 5th HTL event for the year turned out to be an amazing flying day, SGC’s superb field East of Pretoria was made even more enjoyable with huge African thermals & a light breeze, the competitors & spectators were wonderful & supportive, and just about everyone had a whole lot of fun.

Starting at 09h00’sh, and run to F3J rules from winch launches the event was well attended by RC glider pilots from all over Gauteng. The predicted wind direction & strength was spot on (well done to the Weather Service) with thermals initially travelling NW to SE, but swinging around at lunchtime from SW to NE. Feeders formed by the hot conditions (over 30 degrees Celsius) over the farmlands created strong thermals, which generally sprawled across the field. Those that brought shade (gazebo’s & umbrella’s) were inundated with new friends as most sought solace from the first signs of our hot South African summer (even though it was officially one of the first days of Spring).

The glorious field allowed for more than enough space for all the teams (3 person teams, “matrixed” for the man-on-man event) who were spread evenly at clearly marked 15 metre intervals, thanks to the efficient setup by the SGC hosts. The turnaround spots were also clearly marked 150 metres away. The thermal activity prompted some very aggressive launching – 2 second launches were not uncommon, although most elected for hard 4-7 seconds to push high up into the lift layer. The trees did create a challenge for some of the pilots, as these were just past 100m from the landing zone – which really messed around with the pilots' depth perception. I counted at least 3 models being struck out of the sky by huge trees jumping into their path. Landings were equally aggressive – most electing for huge box like approaches permitted by the large field & smooth wind conditions, slowly dragging in until the very last moment before centering above the spot.

I created some confusion at the end – last minute changes to the flight order required some “behind the scenes” alterations to the scoring program, and naturally differences between our standard approach to scoring & the software, after such a loooong & intense day, created some challenges with the provisional scores. Prize-giving was based on these results after very generous donations from various LHS’s in the area. It is interesting that very few LHS’s actually stock the highly competitive competition RC gliders, yet by far the vast majority of pilots source components & others aspects of the hobby from the LHS, so the donations were not without some marketing merit.

The event again used the electronic timing system – this time with two speakers set “back-to-back” from the middle of the field. This really reduces the need for a dedicated time keeper, but electronic issues just after round 4 resulted in one of the speakers being shutdown. CD for the day, Volney, held the pilots briefing around 09h00 & we were quickly set into the automated matrix thereafter. No breaks for lunch, had the “spare” pilot running for food to the superb Martie & Derek travelling diner between slots. With the heat of the day, they sold out all their liquid refreshments around 15h30, which as always were ice cold.

The only issue of the day saw Peter Eagle & Peter Joffe attempting to disprove one of the basic laws of physics: two bodies cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Peter E. was bleeding off speed after a massive thermal took him to spec height, whilst Peter J. was ambling along to line up for the landing. At approx 100 metres, these two connected, with Peter J’s Shongololo wing cut in half, & Peter E’s Eagle breaking the main spar & ripping one of the Shongololo ’s servo’s & harness neatly around its remaining structure. The Shongololo unceremoniously split apart & spun into the ground, whilst the Eagle was landed somewhat hastily with the harness dangling from a huge gap in the leading edge.

I noted that just about everyone had camera’s & I reckon a huge amount of photographs were taken on the day – please forward them to me for the upcoming RCSD article.

Open class

  1. Anton Coetzee (MMS) 4,978

  2. Michelle Goodrum (MMS) 4,976

  3. Conrad Klintworth - Jnr (SGC) 4,970

  4. Joe Coetzer (SGC) 4,969

  5. John Monk (SGC) 4,958

  6. Volney Klintworth (SGC) 4,932

  7. Kurt Stockton - Jnr (BERG) 4,928

  8. Craig Baker (SGC) 4,915

  9. Herman Weber (ETB) 4,874

  10. Izak Theron (ETB) 4,832

  11. Lionel Brink (MMS) 4,823

  12. Evan Shaw (BERG) 4,802

  13. Mark Stockton (BERG) 4,788

  14. Hugh Edmunds (TMMGC) 4,648

  15. Ian Lessem (MMS) 4,598

  16. Johan Bruwer (SGC) 4,509

  17. Derek Marusich (BERG) 4,283

  18. Piet Rheeders (BERG) 4,278

  19. Peter Eagle (MMS) 4,136

  20. Peter Joffe (BERG) 4,123

  21. Peter Moore (ETB) 3,045

  22. Wolfgang Steffny (MMS) 917

Anton’s first place in the Open class, sees him return to competitive RC gliding with a vengeance! Michelle turned in yet another classy performance which bodes well for her upcoming F3J team trials. Yet again, young Conrad showed the moldie oldies how to fly with only 8 points separating him from first place. Conrad also had some of the highest scoring flights of the day with consistent 9:53 times & spot landings. Wolfgang's wooden spoon the result of a close encounter with a tree during the second round.

RES100 class

  1. Alan Smith (MMS) 3,718

Alan was the sole pilot in RES100, and interesting also flew in the 2M class to add some spice to his event

2M class

  1. Derek Marusich (BERG) 3,174

  2. Robert Davies (MMS) 3,021

  3. Rudi King (SGC) 2,956

  4. Allen de Klerk (SGC) 2,831

  5. Alan Smith (MMS) 2,466

  6. Daniel Ralefeta (SGC) 2,323

The 2m class saw and exciting tussle between Robert & Rudi, with Derek eventually snatching the win with some precision landings. Notably this was a first competitive event for Robert, Allen & Daniel – well done & we trust to see you on the circuit in the near future?

Club results

The club results are calculated from the top 3 scores per club, open class

  1. SGC 14,914

  2. MMS 14,747

  3. BERG 14,556

  4. ETB 10,572

  5. WHRF 4,832

  6. TMMGC 4,598

The clubs saw a massively consistent SGC (Conrad, Joe, John) dominate 3rd through 6th positions, taking away victory from the mighty MMS with their 1st & 2nd,(Anton, Michelle) but only a 11th from me. BERG’s assault was lead by Kurt (another junior – hmmm?), with Evan & Mark making up a very closely fought top 3. ETB performed equally well – with a credible score from Herman, Izak & Peter Moore.

The next HTL is scheduled for 7 October, at the WHRF field, just west of Centurion. The format will also be a 09h00 briefing, F3J from winch launch, with 5 rounds (all rounds to count) and a fly-off for the top 33%. Catering by Martie, timekeeping by Euro-voice. See you there.