Notice of change of date - F3B Team Trials

Hi All

Thanks everyone for your response to the request for alternate dates for the F3B Team Trials. Based on feedback it is clear that everyone will be available on the 22nd & 23rd November. So that will be the weekend!

Now that that is settled, can I please have a show of hands from people willing to help out at Base B as well as offering their services to the pilots. Our F3B Pilots would really appreciate all the help they can get. So PLEASE guys and girls! If you can help send me an email and offer your services.

The venue will be Groengoudt. Starting at 08h00 on Saturday 22nd. In all likelihood we should complete the trials on the Saturday, but we may need to use the Sunday to finish if we run into problems.

As I said in an earlier mail, the top pilots are really putting in amazing speed times, and to witness a speed run close to 15 seconds makes the hairs on your neck stand up. So if you want a little excitement then come and see for yourself. And even better offer to help.


TOSS Aerobatic Competition - Feb 2009

The Two Oceans Slope Soarers Aerobatic Event 2009 is on the go!

This aerobatic competition will be taking place at Red Hill, Cape Town on the Saturday 31st January and Sunday 1st February 2009, and hosted by Two Oceans Slope Soarers.

The event is not intended as a fly-in, but as a pure slope aerobatic competition that has over time disappeared from the active flying calendar. We hope to revive and stimulate new interest in this competitive format through this annual event.

This is not going to be the Nationals!, but hopefully it will be a start at creating interest and growth in the competitive slope aerobatics discipline.

Competitors are required to bring a sense of humour as well as their RC kit and planes. Entrants will be limited to 20 pilots for the event, due to time restraints for the two days, and the first 10
slots will be reserved for Two Oceans Slope Soarers club members.

The competition format, costs, schedule, judges, and all other details will be made available via a
PDF posted on the relevant sites. We invite RC pilots countrywide to come and enjoy 2 days of
competition and fun on the slope.

If you are interested in attending the event, please confirm your intention to do so via an email to

Notice of F3B Team Trials

It's just under 2 weeks to go before the F3B Team Trials at Groengoud. Evan has included the invitations to those pilots that have qualified for trials according to the approach set in 2007 (see below).

This call is mainly to generate awareness and also to ask for volunteers to assist. So if you would like to help, please drop me a line. Our F3B Pilots really need your help and support.

The event will take place on Sunday 19th.

According to the qualification rules, only the top ten pilots are eligable to participate in the Team Trials. If you cannot or do not wish to attend, please let me know so the next person on the list can move up.

1;Craig Goodrum;2910.25;2848.97;2910.25;2879.61
2;Michelle Goodrum;2703.75;2858.89;2858.89;2781.32
3;Dion Liebenberg;2595;2505.09;2595;2550.045
4;Paul Carnall;2537.75;2531.89;2537.75;2534.82
5;Peter Eagle;2524.75; ;2524.75;2524.75
6;Herman Weber;2227;2340.31;2340.31;2283.655
7;Stephane du Ponsel; ;2275.48;2275.48;2275.48
8;Alan Smith; ;2183.53;2183.53;2183.53
9;Wolfgang Steffny;1935;1967.68;1967.68;1951.34
10;Conrad Klintworth;1911.75; ;1911.75;1911.75

11;Derek Marusich;1856.75;1628.8;1856.75;1742.775
12;Piet Rheeders;1801.15; ;1801.15;1801.15
13;Lionel Brink;1734.5; ;1734.5;1734.5
14;Rudi King;1610.5; ;1610.5;1610.5
15;Johan Bruwer;1407; ;1407;1407
16;Ian Lessem;1327.75; ;1327.75;1327.75
17;Simon Tladi;1033.5; ;1033.5;1033.5
18;Rodney Goodrum;924.25;688.18;924.25;806.215
19;Ryan Nelson;659.75; ;659.75;659.75

Qualifying Procedure for F3B World Championships

The selection process for the National team to represent the republic of South Africa at the F3B World championships are:

  • There will be 3 competitions scheduled for the year preceding the World Championships.
  • Two of the three scores will count towards the SA F3B Team selection.
  • The first two competitions are scheduled as Qualifiers and the last competition will be a Team Trial.
  • The top 10 qualifiers from the two qualifying rounds will be eligible for participation in the Team Trials event.
  • One of the two Qualifying competitions should coincide with the Gliding Nationals if possible and the other as a stand alone F3B event.
  • The Team Trials will be held at a neutral venue if at all possible.
  • The F3B Team Trials will count 50% of the final score. Of the two Qualifiers the lowest score will be a throw-away and the resulting high score will count as the remaining 50% of the final selection.
  • All the competitions will be flown to FAI F3B rules.
  • Only SAMAA members are eligible to enter.
  • If selected for the team, only South African Citizens qualify for National Colours.

Fly safely

2008 HTL - WHRF in October

The 8th HTL for the year was hosted at WHRF, a mixed discipline club just west of Centurion/Pretoria. The field was typical for post winter highveld; short grass with a very hard/dry surface. However, the club has ensured that the grass stays cut throughout the year & overall the surface is smooth with only an outlying "rough" section. The wind started early in the morning from an unusual ESE direction, but swung predictably before midday to arrive more from the East. Bubbles were kicked up at regular intervals & those who followed these downwind more-often than not maxed their flight times. The constant breeze made landings relatively predictable, but the challenge at this event was more on the thermal side - as an example, slot 3 of round 4 witnessed a winning time of only 5 mins 58 secs!

Unfortunately only 14 pilots flew - from 16 entries, perhaps a reflection that the 3 throwaway rounds for the 2008 league is simply too lenient when compared with the strong showing form 2006/2007? Rule changes for 2009 are being considered, and the most likely proposed so far is to return to fewer throwaways. Most people have indicated that the "fixed" weekend format is best. The competition started fairly late - pilots briefing was only between 09h00 & 09h30, first slot was finished before 10:00, but we all finished by 15h30, including a full 30 min lunchy (thanks to Martie's traveling diner) in between. CD'ing was a breeze with 12 minute working time & 3'ish minute preparation time - fortunately only one delay occured due to line breaks.
The comments received from some of the pilots was that the somewhat relaxed pace allowed for a fun event in the challenging conditions. Martie's diner provided refreshments from early on & kept the energy levels high throughout the day. Judging by the jokes & comments sent up & down the flight line, most people were enjoying themselves too.

I am not aware of any incidents during the day, except Derek ripping the rudder out of his Sagitta's fin post during a downwind landing. Best flight of the day was Michelle's 10:00 & a 0-1 metre landing. Trevor Austin's 5:58 was a notable achievement during a particularly vicious period of absolute & extensive sink. Many excellent flights were recorded - the shouts of joy from various individuals who recorded exact 10:00 or 9:59.99's attesting to this. Quality stuff indeed.

Ranking, Pilot, Club, Score, Percentage of winner's score
1 Goodrum; Craig MMS 4991.1(100.0 %)
2 Goodrum; Michelle MMS 4984.0 (99.9 %)
3 Liebenberg; Dion ETB 4973.6 (99.7 %)
4 Brink; Lionel MMS 4936.8 (98.9 %)
5 Lessem; Ian MMS 4913.5 (98.4 %)
6 Goodrum; Rodney MMS 4877.3 (97.7 %)
7 Austin; Trevor MMS 4777.9 (95.7 %)
8 Marusich; Derek BER 4724.9 (94.7 %)
9 Weber; Herman ETB 4619..7 (92.6 %)
10 Weber; Jason ETB 4552.8 (91.2 %)
11 Bruwer; Johan SGC 4484.2 (89.8 %)
12 King; Rudi SGC 4469.8 (89.6 %)
13 Steffny; Wolfgang MMS 3806.6 (76.3 %)
14 Prahm; Gordon BER 1300.8 (26.1 %) 2M class

Craig Goodrum takes the line honours again with a consistent & class leading performance. Michelle was only 7 points behind the winner, but achieved the most number of slot wins & best flight of the day! Dion put in a valiant effort from ETB & was placed 3rd overall in the Open class. Notice that more than half of the competitors all recorded scores within 10 % of the winner - close stuff.

Gordon flew a little 2M all day & takes sole line honours - deservedly for his bravery in these windy conditions. Derek also flew his Sagitta, but has elected to fly Open class this year.

Top junior was Jason Weber, who just missed winning his slots by only the narrowest of margins & has shown awesome improvement this year. This youngster is definitely going to be one to keep an eye on in the future.

This time around MMS simply obliterated the competition, with ETB 2nd & BERG 3rd - both due to rather small entries from these clubs.
Fly safely