Competitive equivalence badges - part #2

The following individuals are being recognised for competitive partiicpation at local National Championships or international World Championships.

Slope (Gulls)

Electric (Falcon)

Hand launch (Swift)

Congratulations to all these achievers.

Fly safely

Badges - competitive equivalence

The MGA has always been proud to promote its pilots’ sporting achievements; SA has been represented with honour internationally by our RC Glider Pilots & local events are also fiercely contested in the best spirit.

It is generally recognised that to compete at the highest level within a discipline inherently implies that a reasonable standard or skill has been achieved.  During 2010 the MGA initiated a process to promote "competitive equivalence" to provide a recognition of the skills of our competitive pilots.  We have subsequently trawled through all the records available to us & wish to congratulate the following pilots on their new badges! 

Should we have missed anyone, please do not hesitate to contact the MGA, who on written application by the pilot/club the following rating equivalence will be considered :

Note that the MGA will treat each "sporting equivalence" application on a case-by-case basis.

Thermal (Eagle) National championships

We have trawled through the various records of events and postings to identify as many individuals as possible - but are concerned that not everyone has been recognised.  So if we crashed befoe launching, let us know...

Note that we have not included those individuals who already have a similar or higher rated badge (for example if you are already a Diamond A thermal then a Gold is not listed below). 

Thermal (Eagle) Internal competition equivalence

At this time there are no equivalences for the Diamond ratings - as these include reference to local & international competitions results already.

Badge announcements for slope, chuckie & electric will follow shortly

Fly safely

2012 F3J Team Trials

Hi Guys & Girls,

As you are aware (& if not, why not?) the next F3J World Championships will be hosted at the GEMS field during August 2012.  The results from the two qualifying events have yielded a list of the top ten pilots who are invited to the team trials as per the SAMAA ratified National Team selection process.  The pilots must confirm / decline to Herman Weber if they intend flying at the trials before Friday, 14 October 2011 as the next pilot then becomes eligible.

It is also not a secret that SA are campaigning the FAI to include a second or development team to fly alongside the WC's - this as a fully fledged SA "B" or even as privateers to increase the skills exposure & improve overall development of the sport.  For this reason, it is likely that those top ten positions are going to be even more closely watched than ever before!

Fly safely