Notice of Highveld Thermal League competition - 2 Sep 2007 at SGC

The next Highveld Thermal League event is scheduled for 2 September at Silverton Gliding Club, East of Pretoria. The league is certainly being hotly contested this year, and the monthly events have placed an emphasis on consistent competitive form. SGC’s event will be based on a winch launched format flown to F3J rules - 10 min working time (inclusive) and spot landings. Two more classes – RES100 & 2M will also be competing side by side with the sleek Open ships, but there tasks are reduced to 8 min & 6 min tasks to account for the limitations of these models. 3 person teams & with matrixed (man-on-man) type racing always promises to be exciting – the 80% separation for all pilots at the recent ETB F3J event attests to just how close the standard of flying is at this time.

Very generous LHS’s are sponsoring the event Open (sponsored by Frasers), RES100 (Jix sponsored), 2m and juniors (Formula 1 sponsored). On behalf of the HTL pilots & MGA, I’d like to thank our sponsors for showing their support of the hobby.

Those flying open and weary about everyone launching and landing the same time are able to wait a few seconds before launching and land a little earlier. This is a small penalty if it is an issue and the F3J types are able to get in quality practice.

Pilots briefing 09:00 for a start at 09:30. If all goes well we will have completed 6 x 3 slot rounds by 14:00 when we will have lunch whilst the scores are finalised. Hopefully everyone away by 15:00.

Costs are R50 including a beef burger or chicken burger and cooldrink (entries to specify).