Team Selections

The MGA regularly sends teams to FIA World Championships.

We send junior* (maximum 3 per team) and senior pilots (maximum 3 per team) and team managers (one per team) to these events.

* Pilots under the age of 18 in the year of the world champs (not the team selection which runs in the year preceding.

Team selections are advertised and run to a strictly predefined procedure, with the top performing pilots being invited to a team trial event.

The team selection procedure is formal and approved by SAMAA. Since we are sending pilots to represent the country, with pilots receiving their national colours and 'green blazer' (the old 'springbok' colours), we need to make sure that we satisfy all of the SASCOC - South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee - requirements.

Participation at international events are primarily self-funded, with some funding coming from SAMAA. The costs involve models and travel and attendance costs during the team preparation and practice phase. And then the travel, accommodation and related costs at the world champs event. As well as the cost of competition grade models. We do also look for sponsors and donors, as well as running fund raising initiatives.

The team selection process can be found here (

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