The pilots briefing started just after 08h15, with the request for strict application of F3J rules. Our electronic timing system was provided by Mark & the MGA's PA , whilst scoring was performed using the now de-facto F3Jscore software.

The first slot started after 08h30 and without any breaks throughout the day we finished the first 5 preliminary rounds around 12h30. These scores were tallied & checked, with the top 30% of pilots identified for the 15 minute "winner takes-all" fly-off at 13h00. The class leaders after the first 5 rounds were overtaken by Mark Stockton in a nail biting finish, flying his Xperience-Pro x-tail, and followed by Paul Carnall into 2nd place with an X-pro v-tail. Third place in the finals, and first Junior, Kurt Stockton, was a flying his dependable Eish!. Chris Adrian was flying his Pike Superior with aplomb, but a quick relaunch at the start saw his hopes of a win dashed.

The RES100 class was flown by sole pilto Alan Smith, whilst 3 pilots competed in 2M but Derek Marusich stamped his authority on this class.

The amazing weather conditions provided a suitable challenge to everyone. The heavy rains from the previous week & particularly the storms the night before created crystal clear air. During the second round, a large bank of cloud began approaching from the East due to the high humidity, but we were fortunate that this did not rain and we enjoyed relative sunshine for the entire event. Many small thermals breezed past the field, pushed along by the wind, but the long trips downwind had many people scratching up front for ridge lift & particularly the RES100 and 2m class suffered being unable to penetrate as well as the larger FAI class models.

The rain softened ground encouraged spearing amongst the pilots, and we likely recorded the highest number of spot landings in an event of this nature!

Open class results
Pilot; Club; Preliminary; (Fly-off)
Mark Stockton; BERG; 4,769; (1,000 )
Paul Carnall; ETB; 4,983 ; (997)
Kurt Stockton; BERG; 4,273; (988)
Chris Adrian; SGC; 4,701; (958)
Herman Weber; ETB; 4,880; (895)
Craig Baker; ETB; 4,287; (719)
Piet Rheeders; BERG; 4,204, (DNF)
Izak Theron; ETB; 4,769; (DNF)
Dion Liebenberg; ETB; 4,677; (DNF)
Lionel Brink; MMS; 4,099
Ian Lessem; MMS; 4,045
Johan Bruwer; SGC; 4,010
Joe Coetzer; SGC; 3,987
Jason Weber; ETB; 3,905
Stephen Liebenberg; ETB; 3,521
Evan Shaw; BERG; 2,624

Note that Dion & Izak qualified for the fly-off, but in true HTL spirit they instead elected to time & call for their team-mates who had also qualified for the fly-off.

RES100 class
Alan Smith; MMS; 2,509

2 Metre class
Derek Marusich; BERG; 3,354
Johan Bruwer; SGC; 2,682
Robert Davies; BERG; 1,686

Round by Round results and scores are available from the F3J BLOG.

The next event is the Triathlon which this year will be hosted near Heidelberg and promises to be an interesting day for pilots & their families.
Fly safely.