Notice of HTL #7 - Heidelberg Triathlon

Sharpen your wingtips, coil the winch lines & charge batteries for the final 2007 HTL event at Heidelberg on 2 December 2007 (the date was changed to Dec to accomodate the 94.7 cyle race road closures). Enter into the unchartered as we fly virgin air, exploring unknown thermals at this field for the first time. The SA F3J teams will be present, presumably to wip the rest of us mere mortals into submission - truely a challenge to one & all to take up the gauntlet? Following the Q4 Postals the Open scores are still sooooo close, but it looks like RES100 & 2M are all sewn up - perhaps we can still see an upset? Rumour has it that the banana boys may be sending a scouting mission to see what makes the Highveld flyers tick?

Adult & kids braai packs will be available, if you let us know in advance how many will be attending, making this a full family day, which will also include the annual HTL prize giving.

The format will be 4 person teams, normalised within a team/frequency matrix. The sawtooth algorythm will be used to wreak havoc on your score expectations as 2M, RES100 and Open all compete for the same team scores as per their own class requirements. Tactics & skill will be required round by round as the emphasis of the Triathlon is on team participation rather than the individual's excellence.

I sincerely believe this promises to be one of the most exciting HTL events of the year & I'd like to thank everyone in advance for their ongoing support of this great RC gliding competition.

Fly safely