2007 HTL - #7 Heidelberg "triathlon"

We finished the 2007 HTL on Sunday, 2 December 2007 with a cracker of an event. Gert Niewoudt ran the competition using that dreaded sawtooth scoring algorythm (basically flight times of even numbered minutes are rewarded, but odd numbers are severley penalised) and even managed to arrange clear weather conditions, albeit windy (but what would the triathlon be without a little wind?). The thermals flew past very quickly, with sink aplenty and few pilots maxed in the first slots. Conditions improved a little during the day, but the occasional wiff of lift was still no easy task to optimise except by the very best pilots.

The event results were based on the scores from 5 rounds (no throwaways) and the top 3 scores per team (of 4 pilots) count for each round. In the end, during the last few slots, ETB crept ahead of BERG with a consistent team performance from one of the top RC gliding clubs in SA. Not to be eclipsed, the BERG results must be viewed in context too - most of the BERG pilots were flying own-design, homebuilt or "spare part" models, so congratulations must go to them in the somewhat trying conditions. With the stiff breeze, as can be expected, the model attritition rate was a little higher then normal - Izak Theron sacrificed his almost new Xpro to what looked like wing-tip flutter on launch, and seconds later I ripped the full-flying stabs off my Nkwazi also during launch. Not to be outdone, Chris destroyed his Pike's ailerons a few slots later, but still managed to thermal somewhat before bringing it down. I have to remark that the launches the F3B pilots achieved were really exceptional; when even hardened F3J pilots gasp at their launch height - well, I think you get the picture.

Our special thanks to Cheryl Burgess for the use of her farm ("Che") & their facilities. The older kids seemed to enjoy the mountain hikes (much to the concern of their parents) and all the farm animals were an absolute treat for the younger city children. Also of note was that they specially cut the grass in the field for us, and provided the BBQ's. The MGA will send her a special letter of thanks for this.

My thanks to Gert, for CD'ing the entire day, keeping us informed of positions on a round by round basis, & then donating his CD petrol money back to the MGA for the 2008 F3J team. As always I am humbled by the nature & attitude of individuals within the HTL...

Thanks to Martie & her traveling diner - from breakfast to BBQ, she kept us fed & watered (kind of like the farm animals?).

Well done to all the pilots for attending this enjoyable event.

Position, Team, Score
1, ETB, 12024
2, Berg, 11974
3, CCIP, 11945
4, 3G, 11942
5, KALaMity, 10763
6, JAWV, 9062

Podium, Pilot, Team, Class, Individual score
1 Craig Goodrum 3G Open 4825
2 Deon Liebenberg ETB Open 4695
3 Conrad Klintworth CCIP Open 4562
4 Evan Shaw Berg Open 4559
5 Mark Stockton KALaMity Open 4227
6 Chris Adrian CCIP Open 4084
7 Anton Coetzee JAWV Open 4008
8 Paul Carnall ETB Open 3954
9 Rodney Goodrum 3G Open 3760
10 Kurt Stockton KALaMity Open 3573
11 Piet Rheeders Berg Open 3535
12 Michelle Goodrum 3G Open 3357
13 Herman Weber ETB Open 3281
14 Ian Lessim CCIP Open 3268
15 Derek Marusich Berg 2m 3033
16 Alan Smith KALaMity Open 2878
17 Peter Joffe Berg Open 2704
18 Volney Klintworth JAWV Open 2582
19 Wolfgang Steffny JAWV Open 2062
20 Johan Bruwer JAWV Open 2012
21 Peter Moore CCIP Open 1828
22 Lionel Brink KALaMity Open 1711
23 Izak Theron ETB Open 1134

As always, please fly safely