Notice of F3J event - 20 Jan 2008 at BERG

Following closely on the heels of a great HTL #1, Sunday 20 Jan will see the first F3J event for 2008. The event will start 09h00 at BERG with the pilots briefing & the first slot will commence around 09h30. The format will be similar to SOAR-J: 150 metre winch launch, with a 10 minute task/working time window & FAI style measured landing. The 2008 SA F3J teams will also be there - but they will be towing.

So why not come along & watch, or better yet, fly alongside the teams - to see if you can better the top F3J pilots in SA.

Please forward all entries to me before 10h00 on Thursday 17 Jan for matrixing. Entry is free, but if we get sufficient demand Marti may be able provide catering....

Fly safely,
Lionel Brink