We ended 2007 on an amazing high, with one of the most succesful HTL seasons ever. It was an extremely close contest the entire year, but one I am sure everyone enjoyed. This year will see a small change to the overall league structure which was debated during Nov 2007; provisionally 8 regular league contests are scheduled, and the best 5 of these events will count towards the overall league results. Please notice that any cancelled events or non-participation will automatically be counted as a throwaway. Finally, the 2008 league will not include Postals nor the results from the RC Gliding Nationals. I am confident that this will result in an even closer contest - with "down to the wire" finals.

The first 2008 HTL event is scheduled for Sunday 13 January 2008 at ETB. Based on a brief discussion with ETB, this event will allow 3 pilots per team, matrixed & using winches to launch for the three classes (Open, RES100, or 2M). If you wish to enter more than one class - YOU will be responsible for ensuring support from a FULL team for each class entered. A small fee will be levied per class entered - ETB will confirm costs, starting times, lunch, field logistics, etc.

Please send your entries (team, name, club, class, primary & alternate frequency) to me before 10h00 on Thursday, 10 January 2007 - I will not be publishing the entry list prior to this. Please provide the alternate frequency - having only a single frequency makes it pointless to matrix.

Fly safely