Defining your RC experience

As competitive RC flyers, it might be argued that SIG members are generally on the bleeding edge of RC flying & provide are one of the most important subsets of the overall SAMAA group. I feel that this is nowhere more true than the RC glider pilots - who are constantly improving the standards of RC gliding & equipment in SA. The MGA in turn strives to provide a basis for supporting competitive RC gliding in South Africa & to this end arranges the MGA Calendar (generally schedules competitions to ensure no regional overlaps), ensures local & National competitions are hosted in all supported RC gliding disciplines, and provides the means for selecting the National Teams representing us internationally. During 2006 we also established the instruction framework which is designed to encourage more "Sunday" flyers into the competitive circuit.

At the 2007 AGM, the MGA was tasked to identify it's "members" needs; one suggestion put forward was that a small membership fee needs to be raised - but this was balanced against the need for constructive application of all fees collected (i.e. agree what will add the most value before asking for money). To further gauge RC glider pilots needs, please have a look at the latest poll on the MGA BLOG - let us know what is most important to your RC gliding needs - if I have left something out, or you believe that MGA can do more, then please contact me directly.

You are free to nominate as many topics as you like - yes, I am aware that by changing your computer's IP address you can also vote as many times as you like - but that is really pointless.

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