CIAM 2008: provisional feedback

The most important news is that Bob Skinner was elected as the new President of CIAM. I spoke to Bob yesterday, and he noted that he did not "activily pursue" the position, & had many words of praise for the outgoing chair, Sandy Pimenoff (Finalnd). All I can say is congratulations on behalf of the RC glider pilots & the MGA!

CIAM finally realised that technology has moved on & will permit 10 kHz spacing below 50 Mhz (just in time for the emergence of 2.4 Ghz?), and 20 khz spacings above 50 Mhz.

In terms of F3J, the proposal to prevent "speared" landings was rejected without so much as a blink & the 100m towline proposal apparently received even less support. Also as expected, the 1 point per 20cm over the first 2 metres from the spot will come into affect in 2009. Reflies will now be awarded for blocked/crossed launch lines. Launch lines can only be moved between rounds should the wind change direction (huh?). Finally, the next F3J WC will be in France, 2010 - so all those crazy beer quaffers will finally get the opportunity to sample some real culture : delicate pasteries, fine wine & crunchy frog legs?

In terms of F3B, the only feedback I've found so far is that it will officially be called "multi-task" gliding from now on, enjoy the same benefit of reflights for cross lines on launch & the closer frequency spacings.

F3K finally gets FAI status - with the first Euro championships probably in 2010 & a WC likely to follow this in 2011. No reflights will not be awared for crossed lines ;-)

Hopefully Bob/CIAM will provide a more complete update shortly - but expect the official Rules only closer towards Q4 of 2008.

Fly safely