2008 HTL #4 - BERG on Sunday, 1 June 2008

Strange that following the somewhat challenging conditions at the Nationals, we have experienced near perfect flying weather again? The usual weather pattern for this time of year appears to be resuming & we are relatively confident that early June will be near idyllic for gliding. So, did you feel you could have flown better at the Nationals, or were you simply not prepared enough to compete to your fullest? Perhaps you would like to experience flying against some of the top F3J/F3B pilots in SA, in a relatively relaxed environment, and on one of the best thermal fields in Gauteng? Then, do not delay. Call now! Because the BERG club are hosting the next HTL on Sunday 1 June 2008.

But wait, there's more......

For only R50, an in-date SAMAA membership & at least a Thermal SOLO (previous application also accepted), you can fly in one of three thermal duration model classes (Open, RES100, 2M). For each additional class, it will cost you only R20 (Jnr & Snr) extra - standard conditions naturally apply.

...and more....

Martie has confirmed that she will be catering, so lunch is included in your initial entry fee.

...and more...

Pilots briefing to start 08h30, first slot 09h00. The format to be F3J'ish: 150m launch (winches permitted), 4 person teams, flying in a man-on-man (matrix) format. The duration task will be 10 minutes (Open class, 8:RES100, 6:2M) in a 12 minute working time (for those flying in the full F3J format, the CD will also count up to the 10 minute mark), landings to be scored as per the 2008 F3J circle. Weather permitting 6 rounds to be flown, with the best 5 to count. Only one re-launch attempt is permitted as per F3J rules. Flight time stops when the model touches the ground or a grounded object (e.g. tree) and NOT when the model stops moving. No landing score if the model is flown into someone/safety zone.

In case you are wondering, the 12 minute working time is for those people not practicing towards the F3J WC & permits a more relaxed "spacing" for model launching.

Please forward your entry to me by the midnight Wednesday, 28 May 2008 "deadline" so that I can prepare the matrix. I require the details of your team, your SAMAA number, model class(es), as well as BOTH a primary & secondary frequency for each class. As an early entry incentive, frequency allocation will be on a first come first served basis. Each class entry received after the deadline will be charged R50 extra (Junior & Senior).

Standard Conditions: if you wish to fly in more than 1 class then you are responsible for finding your support team for each class competed in - I will only "place" lone people who are flying in a single class, and any "spare" teams made up from loose classes will not be used for this.
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