2008 F3J World Championships

The 6th F3J World Championship is scheduled for 29 June 2008 until 6 July 2008 in Sakarya, Turkey. South Africa is one of the 25 countries presenting teams, and although we have relatively small aeromodelling numbers, we are fortunate to have the depth to field both senior & junior teams at an international level.

These teams were formally selected and have been approved by the SAMAA and SASCOC respectfully. In alphabetical order the team members proudly representing South Africa are:
  • Chris Adrian (Senior Pilot)
  • Lionel Brink (Senior Team Manager)
  • Johan Bruwer Jnr (Towman)
  • Johan Bruwer Snr (Towman)
  • Craig Goodrum (Senior Pilot)
  • Michelle Goodrum (Senior Pilot)
  • Conrad Klintworth (Junior Pilot)
  • Ian Lessem (Junior Team Manager)
  • Ryan Nelson (Junior Pilot)
  • Simon Nelson (Towman)
  • Simon Tladi (Junior Pilot)
Since the World Championships are being held in Turkey (Europe) the costs are not suprisingly rather considerable, and the teams wish to thank the sponsors that have made this trip possible (in no particular order):

The National Lottery, through SAMAA's Transformation & Development programme, have partially sponsored the team based on the strategic focus of promoting aeromodelling amongst Previously Disadvantaged Individuals and the youth.

SAMAA, representing the Aeromodelling section within the AeroClub (who in turn represent South Africa within the FAI ) have provided Team Grants to assist National Aeromodelling Teams with entry fees.

A generous donation from Basil Read has been made towards the transport of the F3J models and equipment.

The MGA, representing the sporting arm of RC Gliding within the SAMAA, have set aside an small amount to pay for the National Team's FAI licenses.

Kaytie Identity Promotions, a leading multimedia printer specialising in textiles, have provided embroidery & printing services for the team clothing.

Then there are the people that have donated time & money to the support of the National Teams:
  • Peter Eagle
  • Rudolf Engelmann
  • Craig Goodrum
  • Wolfgang Steffny
We are sincerely thankful towards these companies, organisations & individuals, and would request that all MGA members consider making use of there services/supporting their initiatives.