Notice of #2 qualifier for 2009 F3B team te BERG, 17 August 2008

Hi everyone,

Please be advised that the #2 qualifier for the 2009 F3B team is scheduled for Sunday, 17 August 2008 as advised in the MGA BLOG & MGASA forum during February 2008 (

The entry fee is R50 (juniors & seniors) which includes lunch & a cooldrink catered for by Martie's fabulous traveling diner!

To permit a full day's F3B flying (i.e. multi-task) the first slot starts at 08h00 for 08h30. All entries will be pre-matrixed - which implies that you need to email your entry to Lionel Brink before Thursday, 14 August 2008. Late entries will cost an additional R50 per day extra! No entries after Friday will be accepted. Please provide me with the following info:

Name, helper team, model(s), primary freq, alternate freq., SAMAA number

Please be advised that as this is a team qualifier, only in-date SAMAA members who have registered or received an application for glider SOLO may participate.

Fly safely