Notice of change of date - F3B Team Trials

Hi All

Thanks everyone for your response to the request for alternate dates for the F3B Team Trials. Based on feedback it is clear that everyone will be available on the 22nd & 23rd November. So that will be the weekend!

Now that that is settled, can I please have a show of hands from people willing to help out at Base B as well as offering their services to the pilots. Our F3B Pilots would really appreciate all the help they can get. So PLEASE guys and girls! If you can help send me an email and offer your services.

The venue will be Groengoudt. Starting at 08h00 on Saturday 22nd. In all likelihood we should complete the trials on the Saturday, but we may need to use the Sunday to finish if we run into problems.

As I said in an earlier mail, the top pilots are really putting in amazing speed times, and to witness a speed run close to 15 seconds makes the hairs on your neck stand up. So if you want a little excitement then come and see for yourself. And even better offer to help.