Notice of F3B Team Trials

It's just under 2 weeks to go before the F3B Team Trials at Groengoud. Evan has included the invitations to those pilots that have qualified for trials according to the approach set in 2007 (see below).

This call is mainly to generate awareness and also to ask for volunteers to assist. So if you would like to help, please drop me a line. Our F3B Pilots really need your help and support.

The event will take place on Sunday 19th.

According to the qualification rules, only the top ten pilots are eligable to participate in the Team Trials. If you cannot or do not wish to attend, please let me know so the next person on the list can move up.

1;Craig Goodrum;2910.25;2848.97;2910.25;2879.61
2;Michelle Goodrum;2703.75;2858.89;2858.89;2781.32
3;Dion Liebenberg;2595;2505.09;2595;2550.045
4;Paul Carnall;2537.75;2531.89;2537.75;2534.82
5;Peter Eagle;2524.75; ;2524.75;2524.75
6;Herman Weber;2227;2340.31;2340.31;2283.655
7;Stephane du Ponsel; ;2275.48;2275.48;2275.48
8;Alan Smith; ;2183.53;2183.53;2183.53
9;Wolfgang Steffny;1935;1967.68;1967.68;1951.34
10;Conrad Klintworth;1911.75; ;1911.75;1911.75

11;Derek Marusich;1856.75;1628.8;1856.75;1742.775
12;Piet Rheeders;1801.15; ;1801.15;1801.15
13;Lionel Brink;1734.5; ;1734.5;1734.5
14;Rudi King;1610.5; ;1610.5;1610.5
15;Johan Bruwer;1407; ;1407;1407
16;Ian Lessem;1327.75; ;1327.75;1327.75
17;Simon Tladi;1033.5; ;1033.5;1033.5
18;Rodney Goodrum;924.25;688.18;924.25;806.215
19;Ryan Nelson;659.75; ;659.75;659.75

Qualifying Procedure for F3B World Championships

The selection process for the National team to represent the republic of South Africa at the F3B World championships are:

  • There will be 3 competitions scheduled for the year preceding the World Championships.
  • Two of the three scores will count towards the SA F3B Team selection.
  • The first two competitions are scheduled as Qualifiers and the last competition will be a Team Trial.
  • The top 10 qualifiers from the two qualifying rounds will be eligible for participation in the Team Trials event.
  • One of the two Qualifying competitions should coincide with the Gliding Nationals if possible and the other as a stand alone F3B event.
  • The Team Trials will be held at a neutral venue if at all possible.
  • The F3B Team Trials will count 50% of the final score. Of the two Qualifiers the lowest score will be a throw-away and the resulting high score will count as the remaining 50% of the final selection.
  • All the competitions will be flown to FAI F3B rules.
  • Only SAMAA members are eligible to enter.
  • If selected for the team, only South African Citizens qualify for National Colours.

Fly safely