RES Rules for 2009

RES Challenge

The RES Challenge is a postal style event where all pilots’ country wide can fly at their own clubs on the specified weekend. If the weather does not permit, i.e. raining or too windy the club may elect to fly on the next available weekend in that month, but only one attempt may be made.

The rule are:
1. Only RES models may compete.
2. Six flight with two throwaways. (Best 4 out of 6)
3. Working time 12 minutes
4. Flight time 8 minutes. (1 point per second up to 8 minutes and 1 point per second deducted after 8 minutes))
5. Spot landing as per the table below, measured from the spot to the nose of the model.
6. The club can run a MOM (Man on Man) type event if they like or a pilot can elect to fly whenever he likes, but once he launches (as the model leaves his hand or the hand of his helper) he will have 12 minutes to record an 8 minute flight. He can re-launch as many times as he likes within the 12 minutes but only the last flight and landing will count. Two stop watches must be run. One for Working time and one for Flying time. In a MOM event the CD monitors the Working time and clearly indicates to all competitors the start and finish.
7. The 8 minutes flight time starts the moment the models releases from the tow line.
8. Flight time stops the moment the model comes to rest or the 12 minute working time ends.
9. No landing points for over-flying working time.
10. No landing points if the model touches the pilots or his helper.
11. Launching may be by standard 200 meter winch, 150m hand tow or 150m un-stretched bungee.

This is also a Club event. The Club score is made up of the sum of the best 8 flight recorded. These score must come from the same venue and on the same day.

Single pilots may also enter.

As mentioned above a MOM competition can be organized within the club on the day as an option to make the event a little more interesting for the competitors. This is dependant on the club having enough winches available. As many pilots must fly together as possible. However, as this is a postal event the score submitted must be the actual ones recorded and not normalized scores.

All results must be submitted by not later than the Wednesday following the event to Piet Rheeders at
Please supply the following information:
The Pilots name,
The Models name, span and section,
The Club Name,
The date,
The pilots score (Only the total of his best 4 flights please)
The Club score (Only the total of the best 8 flights form the Club please)
A brief report and a few photos if possible for inclusion in the media.

Landing Bonus
A) Rudder, Elevator & Spoilers

(Meters from spot) - (points)
3----------------------- 50
6----------------------- 45
9----------------------- 40
12---------------------- 35
15---------------------- 30

B Rudder, Elevator only

(Meters from spot) - (points)
5------------------------ 50
10---------------------- 45
15----------------------- 40
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