Postal Comments --- February 2009

from Club Correspondents around the country

DMAC (11 pilots) Don Slatter

Although 11 pilots flew Postals, this was done in groups over 4 separate days.
On 8 February, 5 pilots flew. Other pilots were flying RES. On this day there were generally good lift conditions and no rain! Strongish breeze
On 15 February, Dennis, and Mike and Norman Smith flew. On arrival at Summerveld, the valley was filled with thick mist, but this lifted so that by 10h30 test flights were made. Conditions now seemed good so they flew their Postals.
I flew on 19 February, after the horses had left the training area. Norman came out as my timer. I had no other opportunity in the month. Weather was partly overcast and a bit windy but there was also some reasonable lift around.
Then, on the last day of the month, Saturday 28 February, Allan and Brian flew. The weather was stormy but they had to fly to get a score and there was good lift. On Allan's last flight, he was flying in heavy rain for the last 4 minutes but he was determine to finish and get a good score. There was also lightning and so he kept his Tx aerial parallel to the ground to avoid it becoming a lightning conductor! He was particularly proud of this flight as he scored maximum points despite the adverse conditions. He said no-one must say one cannot fly in rain!

SGC (5 pilots) Johan Bruwer

Johan, Joe, Axel (new member) and Gordon flew postals on Sunday 8th Feb. Fairly windy with some thermals but also big sink. Rather challenging conditions for Gordon's home built 2m plane and Axel's first attempt at flying in any competition!Johan assisted Chris the next weekend.

xMMS (6pilots) Lionel Brink

We flew at the BERG field & enjoyed conditions that varied from great fun to challenging. Flights towards late afternoon were rather difficult & thermals had to be followed very, very far downwind.

BERG (4 pilots) Piet Rheeders

Flown on the 8th of august with the conditions being very good in the morning and overcast in the after noon with difficult condition.
Like Craig I decided to fly this year’s postals with a 2m Tsotsi.

JGC (6 pilots) Juanita Smith

With the shocking weather we have had this month as well as usual commitments, most of us landed up only having one shot at it this time round, but as always . . . fun was had by all. Derrick tried his second attempt today, and although all his times were an improvement on his previous attempt, he was forced to stop after 4 flights due to rain. :-)

TRMC / SMC (4 pilots) Gert Nieuwoudt

I have flown postals with the Standerton guys. We flew on the 21st Feb on what was a very humid day. At first it looked like it would be a day with big thermals but turned out to be difficult. We flew on a farm outside Standerton, with beautiful views and wide open spaces.

ETB (2 pilots) Izak Theron / Herman Weber

Only two managed to fly at the last minute . . .

* * * *

Can correspondents please send me scores in the format I have requested many times?
Three of the six clubs sent their scores in as spreadsheets with every detail but no totals! I then have to sit with a calculator and work out their scores!

Please send me only the data I put out in the result sheet ---
Initial and name – score (both attempts please) – aircraft – section – span . . .
. . . and some comment(s) on the activity / conditions / dates

One club seems to think that the rules have reverted completely to what they were before. Only the number of attempts has reverted to two.
The A (4 scores) and B (3 scores) leagues remain as does the “fly any day” modification.

I was saddened to see that one of the more vocal opponents to the changes, who responded to the change back to two attempts with “Whoopee --- this is more like it!” didn’t manage to put in a score.

Welcome to the new Club, the Jailbirds, although I feel that name needs a little further explanation!