F3J National RC Soaring Team qualifications

The following dates have been identified by the MGA for qualification rounds & the team trials for the National F3J team to France in 2010:

  • F3J Qualifier #1: 22 & 23* August 2009 (location ?GGGC?)
  • F3J Qualifier #2: 24 – 27 September 2009 (2009 National Championships te KZN/BERG)
  • F3J Team Trials: 24 & 25* October 2009 (?X-treme?)

The format of both the Qualifications & Team Trials events will be according to the CIAM 2009 F3J rules, accommodating local field conditions for safety reasons where necessary: two-man towed launches, launch lines not to exceed 150 metres at 20N force, working time of 10 minutes. The only deviation from CIAM’s 2009 F3J rules will be to allow up to 4 pilots per team, which permits 2 x towers, a pilot & a caller combination. Please refer to the FAI/CIAM website for the full set of F3J rules, and the MGA BLOG for the National Team Selection process. The second day (*Sunday) for the Q1 & Team Trails are reserve days only if needed. The top ten pilots from the qualifiers will be invited to attend the 2009 F3J Team Trials as per the defined process.

In the event that not more than 3 pilots are available to qualify for a team (Senior & Junior teams), the MGA may still consider approving a pilot who at a National Championship level in the appropriate discipline has achieved a minimum of 80% of the National Championships winner’s score.

All pilots intending to participate in Qualifier #1 are to provide their entries by 31 July 2009. To enter you must provide the following details:

  • Team (single pilots will be advised of “open” teams, but the organisers will not allocate individual pilots to these teams)
  • SAMAA number & date of expiry
  • Primary & Secondary frequency (whilst the organisers will make ever attempt to ensure that pilots remain on the same frequency during the event, for matrixing purposes they cannot guarantee that this will be the nominated primary frequency)
  • Email & telephone contact details

An entry fee of R50 per pilot will be charged for the first qualifier. Costs for the 2009 National Championships & F3J Team Trials will be announced later.

We will confirm catering at the field closer to the time.

Fly safely