Draft 2009 AGM minutes


1. Welcome
  • The outgoing chairperson welcomed everyone attending the 2009 AGM for the Model Gliding Association
  • The organisers of the 2009 Nationals were thanked for their efforts
  • All officers & portfolio representatives on the MGA were thanked for their contributions during the year

2. Previous minutes

  • It was noted that copies of the 2008 AGM minutes were distributed electronically immediately following the 2008 National Championships.
  • No amendments or corrections were suggested & these were accepted by agreement

3. Feedback on previous actions arising

  • Following discussion in 2008 it was generally agreed that the current & future RC Glider pilots had a need for funding of National competitions. It was noted that the MGA was not geared towards administration of individual memberships & the impact of imposing a membership fee within another SIG was considered catastrophic & contrary to the interests of promoting the sport. As an alternate to the “membership fee” option, it was reported that the MGA has recorded an income of over R4,000 from the HTL events since the previous AGM. This money was used to maintain the MGA competitions box, as well as fund considerably towards the 2009 Nats. It was felt that although minimal, the contributions of pilots competing could successfully be used to their benefit instead of a membership / admin fee. It was proposed that the various regions consider this mechanism in lieu of a membership fee for supporting their Nats efforts.
  • In terms of communications, all electronic files attached to emails within the MGASA forum, were uploaded to the MGASA files or MGA BLOG section.
  • In 2008 it was proposed that a formal RC Gliding National committee be investigated to assist in the hosting & funding of future National Competitions. The MGA has reviewed this & agreed instead to maintain the status quo in that the Nationals are hosted by a specific club. Clubs are requested to submit proposals in advance of the AGM & the winning proposal to be announced at the AGM. If no proposals are received at the time of the AGM, then the MGA will not schedule a Nat’s for the following year.

4. Proposals

  • The MGA were instructed by the attending MGA members not to pursue the matter of memberships fees further in lieu of the alternate “regional competition” funding mechanism discuss previously.
  • Formal guidelines for competitive event organisers were drafted & circulated on the MGA BLOG in Feb 2009. The attending MGA members agreed that these guidelines would apply to all future MGA events.

5. Election of Office Bearers

The MGA Executive:

  • Chairperson Lionel Brink
  • Vice-chair Herman Weber
  • Treasurer Gordon Prahm
  • Secretary Craig Goodrum

The following competitive discipline representatives were elected:

  • F3B Rodney Goodrum
  • F3J Herman Weber
  • F3K Stephane du Ponsel
  • F5J Juanita Smith

In addition, a number of portfolios are managed within the MGA:

  • T&D Simon Tladi
  • Calendar Evan Shaw
  • MGASA Izak Theron
  • Badges Evan Shaw
  • HTL Johan Bruwer
  • BVT Dennis Bird
  • 2M Rudi King
  • Postals John Lightfoot
  • Slope Soaring Izak Theron (Gauteng)
  • Kevin Farr (WP)
  • Russel Conrad (KZN)
  • Cross Country Paul Carnall

6. Next Nationals

  • The MGA received 2 proposals to host the combined 2010 RC Soaring Nationals. Based on the historical coastal/inland hosting schedule, the fact the 2010 Nationals are F3B focussed & the need to trial a number of factors regarding the potential 2012 F3J World Championship, the MGA awarded the 2010 National Championships to the MMS club.

7. Actions arising

  • No actions were requested from the floor, but noted that the requirements for cross-country events would be discussed directly with the CAA in the near future.

8. Next Meeting

  • The next AGM is scheduled for the 2010 National RC Gliding Championships

Fly Safely

National RC Soaring Records

The MGA is pleased to announce the ratification of the following records:

F3B Speed: 14.2 seconds, Michelle Goodrum at the 2009 F3B World Championships, Czech Republic, August 2009

F3B Distance: 34 laps, Craig Goodrum at the 2009 Brno World Cup, Czech Republic, August 2009

Congratulations to these pilots

2010 F3J World Championships - Qualifier #1

The 1st 2010 F3J National Team Qualifier event was hosted succesfully at BERG on 22 August 2009. To allow for poor weather, Sunday 23 August 2009 was also scheduled, but as we were able to fit in 6 full rounds this was deemed unnessessary.

The field was swung around by more than 90 degrees during the day to account for a change in wind direction (which the weather force suggested might be northerly all day - obviously it never was). Click on the results table to expand to full size:

For the record, Chris was flying his Pike Perfect, Craig maidened his Explorer, Michele flew a Pike Perfect SL & Explorer.

Derek Marusich was our fantastic CD for the day, & he most kindly donated the R100 petrol money back to the MGA to support the team. Martie provided catering (did we mention that F3J is rather physical & requires lots of energy?).

The only issue occured when a full size aircraft (a "Jabiru"?) tried to fly amongst the models in the air over the field. He had to take hard evasive action (90 degrees left turn) & the closest model performed a split-S (on landing) to avoid a almost certain crash. It was just as well that thios pilot took action, as I believe he would have smashed into the radio tower if he had contunued along his route. Unbelievably, this all took place at less than 80 metres altitude - a CAA "near miss" incident will be reported.

Fly Safely

2010 F3J World Championships

The official 2010 F3J WC website is up. If all goes well, finances/etc., then SA is intending on fielding two full teams of Seniors & Juniors.

Fly Safely

Notice of MGA AGM

Please be advised that the Annual General Meeting of the MOdel Gliding Association of South Africa, the designated SAMAA SIG for RC Soaring, will be held at the end of the 2009 National Championships.

Any proposals to be adopted by vote must be received by the MGA Secretary in writing, one (1) week in advance of the National Championships.


  1. Welcome
  2. Previous minutes
  3. Matters arising/reports
  4. Proposals
  5. Appointment of Host Club for 2010 National Soaring Championships
  6. Election of Office Bearers
  7. Next meeting


2009 HTL #6 - September at SGC

Challenging & fun!

The conditions were "interesting" , huge lift vs. massive sink would alternatively blanket the entire field for 15 - 20 minutes at a time. During the last round I saw the most amazing thermal ever - probably only about 1 metre wide, but rising at sufficient speed to push a gliders nose up by more than 30 degrees. Of course, the sink around this single column of air was equally nasty & only a few managed more than 5 minutes.

Thanks to everyone & especially the honorable Gordon Brown (our brilliant CD), SGC (field), Johan Bruwer & Jochen Schmidt (field lay-out), Martie (food &drink) & all the competitors & helpers for a wonderful day. The F3J format made for a great change & watching all the models launch simultaneously is awesome.

What made the event particularly special were the Fish Eagle calls! Watching a juvenile Fish Eagle being bombarded by a small Kite was also rather amazing & a instituted somewhat of a struggle to keep my eyes on my model. All up, we counted at least 4 Fish Eagle "spots", and a Black Eagle that also meandered across the air space after we had finished. I believe that Derek & Martie were able to get some shots of this & trust they will allow us to use these photo's for the BLOG?

The results are attached - audited as per scoresheets provided, & scored according to the 20 cm 2009 F3J rule. Congratulations to everyopne who participated, and commiserations to Axel, Trevor & Michelle for the loss of their models.

Final result (click on the table to see a bigger & clearer picture)

The next MGA event is the 2009 RC Soaring Nationals in KZN from 24 September, and the next HTL will be hosted at WHRF on 4 Oct 2009 using a similar F3J format.

Fly safely