2010 F3J National Team Trials

Following the 2009 Combined RC Soaring National Championships hosted at Noodsberg during September 2009, the results & invitations for the 2010 F3J National Team Trials are attached. Please notice that some scores WILL have changed since the Nats announcement, as these were for the combined Electric Winch & F3J. The results for the F3J team qualifications have been normalised without the EW winch scores, and this may have caused the ranking to change.

Ranking have also further been split between Snr & Jnr, although we have normalised these together. Scores have been calculated as per the F3J Rules issued by the FAI on 1 January 2009 (20 cm rule).

Qualifier #1 (BERG)

A moderately challenging event hosted in Guateng with moderate wind all day interspersed with strong gusts & a shift by 0ver 90 degrees during the course of the event.

Qualifier #2 (NOODSBERG)

A relatively challenging event, hosted in KZN, with wind swinging by 180 degrees during the days, varying from light to strong conditions.

Team trial invitations

As per the selection process advised previously, and following the 2 qualification rounds, the individual scores are used to rank the pilots & the top 10 are invited to participate in the Senior Team Trials (venue to be announced) during October 2009:

Each senior pilot has until 9 October 2009 to verify with the F3J representative if they will be participating in the team trials or not. In the event that any top 10 placed pilot is unable to attend, then the 11th ranked pilot will move into the tenth place, and so on.

Whilst there are not 10 pilots competing for the Junior team, the fact that 4 pilots are competing for the team eliminates the 80% minimum score rule:

Congratulations to all these pilots!


Please be advised that all competing pilots need to provide their own team, which may include their Caller, a Team Manager and 2 x Towmen. All pilots must also provide an independent time-keeper who does not fulfil one of these roles, and who will be allocated to the other pilots on a rotational basis. The organisers will not accept times from your yourself/Caller/Team Manager/Towman!

Entry fee for the Team Trials is R200, and will include lunch for the team members.

Fly safely