F5J Extreme Rules

We are in the process of revising the BLOG & content and intend setting up a section which contains the common flying rules & MGA's Sporting Code. Following enquires after the 2009 RC Soaring National Championships, the F5J Extreme Rules applied are below:
  1. Any electric powered RC glider can enter
  2. The objective is to achieve a 10 minute flight time in 12 minutes working time
  3. The flight is scored for each second of flight time, one point deducted for every second
    over the flight time
  4. The motor run time is unlimited but will be subtracted from the flight time at a rate of a point per second depending on the motor handicap
  5. A motor handicap is applied: brushless 95%, brushed Cobalt 75%, Ferrite 45%, and Speed400 30%
  6. The motor run time is multiplied by the handicap factor before deducting these points from the flight time
  7. Should the motor be restarted during flight, then no landing bonus is awarded irrespective of the distance to the landing spot
  8. A landing bonus points of 30pts within 1 metre radius of the landing spot will be awarded
  9. The landing bonus will reduce by 3 points per metre from the landing mark
  10. The landing is measured from the landing spot to any part of the plane closest to the spot
  11. Any type of battery cell is legal

Please be advised that there are different rules for flying competitive electric powered RC gliders: the F5J "Euro" rules that resets the flight time after any motor re-start, but awards a 100 point landing bonus as per F3J, and also a new development which imposes an electronic altimeter within the model which will cut the motor power after 30 seconds or 200 metres altitude. The MGA has not, to the best of my knowledge, experimented with these options yet & cannot comment on them.

Should you have any suggestions or comments regarding F5J, please refer these directly to the F5J representative.

Fly safely