Preliminary notice of 2010 RC Soaring National Championships

On behalf of the MMS organising committee, please be advised that the 2010 RC Soaring National Championships will be hosted from 24 September until 26 September 2010, at the BERG field near Krugersdorp.

The committee intend to provide opportunity for all RC Soaring (thermal) disciplines during this competition; including F3B, F5J, F3K, Open, RES and 2M but this will depend on the interest shown based on preliminary entries.

The first advisory bulletin & preliminary entry form will be provided before the end of May 2010 through this website, the MGASA forum & the SAMAA Newsletter (the latter as per publication dates).

Notice that this competition forms part of the F3B qualifiers, and as such the FAI Sporting Codes as at 1 January 2010 is applicable.

Fly safely