2010 RC Soaring National Championships


The final bulletin has been posted in the Yahoo Groups MGASA Files section, under "2010 Nationals". The bulletin contains flight matrices for all 6 classes to be flown.

Please advise me directly of any issues.

Fly safely

GEMS field: Notice

Members of GEMS (Greenfields Eastern Model Soarers) were informed on Saturday of a Falcon breeding / training site located next to the field. To prevent startling these highly strung birds, and with immediate affect, no powered flying (gas, IC, electric or electric assist gliders) is permitted from or around the field. This implies that only thermal RC soaring is permitted.

We have informed the landowner that we will notify all prospective pilots of this restriction & sincerely request that you comply with this. We will shortly consider erecting a signboard at the field informing members & visitors of this specific requirement.

Should you have any queries regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Carnall or myself.

Lionel Brink
Greenfield Eastern Model Soarers

HTL 2010 Leader Board

Being curious as to what the current standings were after taking part in the last HTL at SGC I offered to the organizers to collate the scores. Hopefully this will spark some more interest for the remaining two events this year; it's not too late yet. Some notes on the scores:
  1. Only "Open Class" scores are shown. Unfortunately the score sheets I have do not indicate classes flown, so every one is assumed to have entered in "Open Class". If anyone would like to have their scores re-allocated to the proper classes, let me know and we'll see what we can do :o)
  2. No throwaways have been taken into account yet. Two throwaways will be allowed in the end so for those that have missed one or possibly even two events there is still an outside chance of getting into a top slot....