2010 HTL Log

Click on the table below for the latest 2010 HTL Log.

For those web challenged folks out there.... :) Remember that your browser may open an image that has been zoomed to fit you browser window which makes it difficult to read. You may have to zoom in to make it legible. Alternatively right click on the table and select "Save target/link to...", save it on your hard drive and open with your favourite picture viewer. If you still have problems, email me and I'll send you a PDF version.

Unfortunately for all the other clubs out there, GEMS has already wrapped up the club title with a perfect 5000 score (actually at the previous event already)..... :) but the individual race is still on for top honours and with the past history of the final Triathlon event in Heidelberg we may still see some swings and roundabouts in the top couple of spots.