2012 F3J Team Trials

Hi Guys & Girls,

As you are aware (& if not, why not?) the next F3J World Championships will be hosted at the GEMS field during August 2012.  The results from the two qualifying events have yielded a list of the top ten pilots who are invited to the team trials as per the SAMAA ratified National Team selection process.  The pilots must confirm / decline to Herman Weber if they intend flying at the trials before Friday, 14 October 2011 as the next pilot then becomes eligible.

It is also not a secret that SA are campaigning the FAI to include a second or development team to fly alongside the WC's - this as a fully fledged SA "B" or even as privateers to increase the skills exposure & improve overall development of the sport.  For this reason, it is likely that those top ten positions are going to be even more closely watched than ever before!

Fly safely
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