New Electric Cross Country South African Record

On 28 DEC 2011, Piet Rheeders set a new South African Electric Cross Country record of 100,72km.

The flight started at 6.58am, approxametly 35 km south of Kenhard in Bushmanland, Northen Cape and ended at 8.33am (total flight time 1 hour 35min) near Keimoes on the Orange River.

The record was established using a 2.5 meter wing span Electric Glider, of his own design, called the Boesman 

The Boesman

Glide distances varied from 3km to 6km depending on conditions and trim, with one 7Km glide. (Average between 3 and 6min glide time). No thermal soaring was attempted during the glide times.  The average speed was 63 km/h with a maximum of 96.8 km/h.

GPS used during the attempt, showing details at the end of the flight.

Evan Shaw Launching the Boesman.
Evan Congratulating Piet at the end of the flight.

Ivan William & Piet in the back of the Bakkie.
Ivan was the official spotter, timer and helper with Evan doing the driving.

The Pilot hard at work during the flight.

Wingspan: 2.5 meters
Root cord: 230mm & Tip cord : 150mm
AR: 13to1
Wing area: 50 sqdm
Wing section: SD7003
Weight: With 2xTurnigy Nanotech 4500 Ma/h Batteries (3cell) connected in parallel -  2.55 KG
Wing Loading:  +/- 50 gm/sqdm
Electric Motor: Dualsky  XM3542CA-6, 450 Watt,  IC equivalent  .21 to .25
Estimated current draw during flight (average dynamic current – 25 amps)
ESC: Hobby Wing 60 amp
Prop: 13 X 7 Graupner folding CAM Electric
RC Tx:  Hitech 7 channel  PCM modulation
Functions used: Ruder, elevator, ailerons, flaps and motor control.
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