Final Result of HTL # 3

 The third HTL of 2012 was held in Delmas at the WC field. The competition also gave an opportunity to test the timing and sound system that will be used at the F3J WC. All equipment functioned well and final tweeking will now be done.
Weather conditions were perfect with 8 - 10 kmh winds blowing straight down the flight line.
Thermals proved elusive in some rounds, catching out some of the best pilots.
Jason and Alan both ended on 5000 points, but Jason had a better throw away and was declared the winner.
A wide variety of planes were flown, from the latest composites to built up 2m models.
Thanks to all pilots that participated and to helpers that assisted with setting up and breaking down of the field equipment.

Next event is scheduled for 3 June at the same venue.