HTL # 4 and Final League Summary

The Final 2014 Highveld Thermal League event was held on Sunday 7th December in Heidelburg.
Format was the traditional season ending 'Team Triathlon' with 4 man teams, fixed slots, no matrix and no normalising, with Sawtooth landing points. Best 3 scores to count.
Weather was fantastic as was the food and company.
The event is held at an orphanage and thanks to all the competitors for the generous food parcels.
Running results were announced round by round and made for interesting battles and lots of needle.
This being the last thermal event of the year it also determined the league winners - congratulations to Paul for winning Seniors and Jason for juniors.

HTL # 4 Result


Overall 2014 League Result

HTL # 3 - 9th November 2014 - Gems Bapsfontein

The 3rd Highveld Thermal League event for 2014 was held on the 9th of November at the GEMS club near Bapsfontein in Gauteng.
Overhead conditions were clear with high temperatures and strong winds blowing 4m/s and gusting to 6m/s.
Despite a relatively small participation, an enjoyable day was had by all.
The changing conditions proved very challenging with some rounds being won with 5 & 6 minute scores.
Many thanks to those that came out to fly, especially newcomer Eloff Mare who battled through the day with an old F3B Sangoma. We hope to see you back soon with a more competitive model.

The last event of the year is the traditional Heidelberg saw-tooth triathlon on the 7th of December.  

Summary of results


F3K Team Trial Results & Overall Team Selection Standings

Hi All

Today had really challenging conditions, but a successful 10 rounds were flown. Below are the results of the day and Team standings for the Snrs