The 2014 nationals were held in Delmas at the 2012 WC field with Africa Lawns again allowing us to use this magnificent facility. The event was held over three days 14 - 16 June 2014. In the open class 4 rounds were flown on Saturday and 4 rounds on Sunday. By 11h00 Sunday the wind had picked up as a front blew through and was constantly at 10m/s gusting 15m/s. This meant the last two rounds were flow in extreme conditions and ballast and model choice was critical.

In the F5J class the wind again proved a challenge and early leader Neil Murray was upstaged in the last two rounds as the heavier planes mastered the wind over the lighter models.

 The 2m Class saw a new junior Jens Adrian flying his first Nationals and again the challenging conditions tested the pilots. Dion Liebenberg flew a record 6 seconds on his first flight before his plane
blew up on launch.

Only four rounds of F3K were flown as on the Sunday the wind blew above the F3K 8m/s limit.

Monday was reserved for F3B and the wind was varied throughout the day with many cross wind and down wind launches.

The National soaring champion in this team selection cycle is the F3B class winner and Craig Goodrum  was victorious.

The Victor Ladaurom was Craig Goodrum

The AGM of the Model Gliding Association was held on Sunday 15th June and it was resolved that the current format to determine the National Soaring Champion would be overhauled by the MGA committee and circulated to the membership for approval.

A big thanks to those pilots that came out to fly and also to Juanita and Wolfgang for the assistance in organising this event