F3K Qualifier # 1 Results

Hi All

Firstly thank you to everyone for attending, and for the help setting up and packing away, you are all awesome!!!

Well we had a very exciting day, conditions were tough right to the bitter end. We had a new task flown today called the "Big Ladder" which looked and sounded easier than it turned out to be. I'm sure that if flown often enough we will come to grips with it.

I am attaching a copy of all the tasks for those that would like to read up on them. If there is anything that does not make sense, please send me a PM and I will be happy to go through it with you. (Sorry this is in the mga Yahoo groups email)

Congratulations to everyone that flew today there was some interesting reshuffles between standings after 5 rounds and then after 10, keep it up, launches are looking good, and I have seen definite improvements all over. I have to make a special comment on Michelle, here launch height is nowhere where the guys are launching to, but she is really doing some awesome flying... Well done Mich!

Quick summary of the results are (The full results can be found on the MGA Yahoo groups email) :

  Name Score %
1 Alan Smith 8,993 100.0%
2 Craig Goodrum 8,850 98.41%
3 Tiaan Van Rooyen 8,349 92.84%
4 Stephane Duponsel 7,239 80.50%
5 Jacques Roodeboom 7,061 78.52%
6 Coenraad Pieters 7,010 77.95%
7 Michelle Goodrum 6,961 77.40%
8 Julian Roeloffze 6,537 72.69%
9 Shaun Mileson 6,025 67.00%
10 Ivor Fletcher    

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