In accordance with the published process (MGASA blog 28 March 2011) to select an F3B team to represent South Africa at the World Championships in the Czech Republic in July 2017, we invite participants to the F3B Selection events.

The events are scheduled as follows:
Qualifier 1 on 15th January 2017 with a backup weather date of 22nd January 2017
Qualifier 2 on 12th February 2017 with a backup weather date of 19th February 2017

In the event that more than 3 senior pilots and 1 junior pilot are able to qualify and wish to attempt to qualify for the team then the top 10 pilots are invited to the F3B Team Trials. The top 10 pilots are determined by taking each pilot’s best score of the two events and normalising to a percentage. This means only one of the two qualifiers has to be attended.

The Team Trials event is scheduled as follows:
Team Trials on  26th February with a backup weather date of 5th March 2017.

This selection would be run in accordance with the FAI/CIAM regulations, with modifications to the rules as allowed by the Model Gliding Association. 
A maximum of 6 and a minimum of 2 rounds will be flown at each event.

Due to the nature of F3B and available manpower it is not possible to fly in teams, a man on man matrix will be applied .

Only SAMAA members are eligible to take part in National team selection. 

The eligibility and allocation of National Colours are subject to SASCOC conditions and requirements.

The top 3 pilots and top junior pilot qualify as members of the National Team and the four placed pilot as reserve.

Closing date for entries to the qualifying events  is the 7th January 2017.

Entry is R250 per entrant. 
This will be provide entry to all three events.

Please contact Mark Shepherd at mark@inouisecurity.co.za or Jan Sime jansime@rpmtv.co.za