Message from our treasurer

From the desk of Mike Vos...

2018 has been a great year for me, having met many new glider pilots, enjoyed many hours of flying together and joining in the excitement of a F3J world championship.

I have learnt this year that although most of us started to fly gliders for fun it actually takes a lot of organising to keep things moving, specifically in the competitive environment but also in general to just ensure facilities are ready and available for everyone to enjoy.  As the coordinator of F5J and supporting F3K actively I can attest to the work and arrangements that goes in behind the scenes.

To ensure we have flying fields and to arrange events to promote gliding or to support a team going to a World Championship requires a lot more effort than just throwing a plane in the boot and head for the closest field.

In order to keep these facilities running and retain access to flying fields we need to ensure the structures are kept in place.  To get new pilots into the sport we have to make effort to introduce new people to this passion of ours, especially youngsters.  Even though not all of us want to fly gliders competitively I believe it is in every human being to always improve, and that in itself is how we compete with ourselves and others.  

If you want to be the best builder, or the best mould maker or the best coach or even the best companion on the field - that competitive streak is in us.  To build a foamy or a correx mugi or a super sleek composite speed racer you always want to do it well, or fast, or cheap, depending on your goal, but there normally is a goal to achieve.  For those flying competitions to FAI rules in F3K or do a speed run in dynamic soaring, you want to improve.

To make all this happen we have a structure called the MGA (Model Gliding Association) as a special interest group representing us at SAMAA. The MGA is there to support the glider fraternity and to facilitate events, competitions and ensure alignment with governing bodies.

In order to keep the MGA running effectively and have the means to promote the sport in every way, certain facilities and services need to be in place.  For this we need funding. The MGA funding is primarily from membership funding.

We have decided to take a new look at funding and consolidate payments.  

For 2019 the MGA membership fee will be only R250 for adults and R50 for juniors.  This fee will cover all MGA organised league competitions except the MGA Nationals.

The MGA funding will be supplemented further through special events and special competitions and fundraisers.  The MGA will use its funds to keep competition facilities in order and promote the sport and facilitate administrative duties.  Our aim is to build a fund to help develop new pilots and to support MGA teams participate at international events.  

In order to get to these goals we need your support to renew your membership to contribute to future proof our sport/hobby.

Please renew your MGA membership asap but no later than 31 Jan 2019

Details of the fee structure and the bank details are available here

Thank you for your flyingship.

Mike Vos
MGA Treasurer
Wednesday, 28 November 2018 9:56 PM

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