2020 F3K and F5J Team Selections

2020 F3K and F5J Team Selections

In accordance with the published process (MGASA Blog 28 March 2011) to select F3K and F5J teams to represent South Africa at the respective World Championships in 2021, we invite participants to the F3K and F5J Team Selection events, as follows:-

25,26,27, April 2020
NATS : 2m, Open, F3K-, F5J- Team Qualifier 1 (Karkloof, KZN)
Sunday, 24 May 2020
F3K Team Qualifier 2 League (GEMS, Bapsfontein)
Sunday, 14 June 2020
F5J Team Qualifier 2 / League (GEMS, Bapsfontein)
Sunday, 26 July 2020
F3K Team Qualifier 3 / League (GEMS, Bapsfontein)
Sunday, 16 August 2020
F5J Team Qualifier 3 / League (GEMS, Bapsfontein)
Sunday, 6 September 2020
F3K Team Trials (GEMS, Bapsfontein)
Sunday, 20 September 2020
F5J Team Trials (GEMS, Bapsfontein)

Should the events not be able to be flown on the scheduled days due to poor weather, backup dates will be determined and communicated to everyone involved. Any changes to venues will be published as far in advance as possible.

Two of the three respective qualifiers have to be flown in order to qualify to be part of the respective Team Selection processes.

In the event that more than 3 senior pilots and 3 junior pilots are able to qualify and wish to attempt to qualify for the respective teams, Team Trial events will be run. The top 10 pilots from the respective Team Selection events - determined by taking each pilot’s best two scores of the three events and normalising this to a percentage - will be invited to the respective Team Trials.

Pilots invited to the respective Team Trials events will be asked to sign a letter confirmation of adequate self funding and availability to travel, prior to the Team Trial events. The duration of an overseas trip to participate in a World Championships event is typically 12-13 days. The (largely self funded) cost is around R35,000 plus the cost of competitive models.

Proposed team lists are submitted to SAMAA for final ratification. It is important that prospective team members achieve as high as possible average scores throughout the selection process, to be accepted by SAMAA - a good target is to consistently achieve 80% (or better) of event winning scores.

The final teams going to the respective world championships will comprise of a maximum of 3 pilots in each age group (with a 4th person standing by as a non-travelling reserve). The team members of each class and age group may select an additional fourth travelling team member, as team manager. Alternatively, one of the senior team pilots could fulfill this role.

These selections will be run in accordance with the FAI/CIAM regulations, with modifications to the rules as allowed by the Model Gliding Association. A minimum of 6 rounds will be flown at each event.

Only paid up SAMAA and MGA members are eligible to take part in National Team Selection processes.The eligibility and allocation of National Colours are subject to SASCOC conditions and requirements.

For more details please contact Brett Lewis (flymga@gmail.com or 076-191-5277).
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