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26 April 2016

Nationals and AGM


Hi All

A Reminder that this weekend is the Nationals running from the 30/04/2016 to the 02/05/2016

AGM will be on the 1/05/2016 when flying is finished for the day, should be around 17:00


02 April 2016


Hi All

Just a reminder that time is almost here for the Nationals all welcome! I am having a small problem adding attachments to the blog at the moment, but anyone that would like to enter, can please contact me directly for the entry forms.

Many Thanks

06 March 2016

F3K Qualifier # 1 Results

Hi All

Firstly thank you to everyone for attending, and for the help setting up and packing away, you are all awesome!!!

Well we had a very exciting day, conditions were tough right to the bitter end. We had a new task flown today called the "Big Ladder" which looked and sounded easier than it turned out to be. I'm sure that if flown often enough we will come to grips with it.

I am attaching a copy of all the tasks for those that would like to read up on them. If there is anything that does not make sense, please send me a PM and I will be happy to go through it with you. (Sorry this is in the mga Yahoo groups email)

Congratulations to everyone that flew today there was some interesting reshuffles between standings after 5 rounds and then after 10, keep it up, launches are looking good, and I have seen definite improvements all over. I have to make a special comment on Michelle, here launch height is nowhere where the guys are launching to, but she is really doing some awesome flying... Well done Mich!

Quick summary of the results are (The full results can be found on the MGA Yahoo groups email) :

  Name Score %
1 Alan Smith 8,993 100.0%
2 Craig Goodrum 8,850 98.41%
3 Tiaan Van Rooyen 8,349 92.84%
4 Stephane Duponsel 7,239 80.50%
5 Jacques Roodeboom 7,061 78.52%
6 Coenraad Pieters 7,010 77.95%
7 Michelle Goodrum 6,961 77.40%
8 Julian Roeloffze 6,537 72.69%
9 Shaun Mileson 6,025 67.00%
10 Ivor Fletcher    

05 December 2015

05 October 2015

2016 F3J Team Trials - 4th October 2015

During 2015 a total of 19 pilots participated in the qualifying rounds for the 2016 National F3J team.
The top ten pilots were invited to attend a man on man team trial on the 4th October 2015.
4 pilots accepted the invitation and the trial was held at GEMS in Bapsfontein outside Johannesburg.

Local rules applied and 6 rounds of 15minutes with one throwout were flown off 150m winch launches.

Clear conditions prevailed with moderate NW wind gusting 25kmh. Thermal conditions were tough and very few 15 minute maxes were achieved.

Chris Adrian withdraw after round 3 and after six rounds the National Team is:

1st - Alan Smith
2nd - Tshepo Molefe
3rd - Ian Sime

4th - Chris Adrian (1st reserve - non traveling)

Overall results

18 May 2015

Highveld Thermal League # 2 - GEMS - 17th May 2015

The second HTL event was held at the East Rand Polo Club fields on Sunday 17th May. Although the entry numbers were low we did see new faces, which for me is encouraging. The wind blew 5 - 8 knots the whole day and made for some interesting flying conditions.
Commiseration's to Gordon who blew up his Explorer on launch and Shaun who blew up one a Spirit on launch and lost another model in the corn fields.
Congrats to Ian Sime on his first HTL win - I hope this inspires him to new heights.

Overall Results

Landing Results

2015 Gliding Nationals

The SA model gliding Nationals took place over the May Day week end 1, 2 & 3 May.
The format this year was changed to have single disciplines dedicated to a day, as opposed to the older format of mixed disciplines. This was done to accomodate pilots that only fly one or two disciplines, not having to be present the whole week end.

Friday the 1st - wind prediction was downwind till 11h00, so it was agreed to hold the AGM in the morning and wait for the wind direction to change.

At 11h00 F3J open duration off 150m winch lines commenced and by 15h00 6 rounds with one discard were flown

F3J Results below

click on the image to enlarge

F3J landing results

click on the image to enlarge

On Saturday the 2nd May F5J (electric open duration) and 2M (2 meter wingspan maximum, unlimited control surfaces flown off winch) classes were flown and after 6 rounds of each class the results were as follows

2M Result

click on the image to enlarge

  2M Landing Result

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F5J Result

click on the image to enlarge

F5J Landing Result

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On Sunday the 3rd May 10 rounds of F3K hand launch class were flown

F3K Result

click on the image to enlarge

The Victor Ludorum is decided from the combined results of all classes flown by a particular pilot

VL Result

click on the image to enlarge

Congratulations to all the winners and to those that made the effort to come out and compete. There were many new faces and I hope this renewed interest in the nationals will breath new life into model gliding in South Africa.