F3J Junior Team reserve - selection period extended

The 2008 F3J Junior Team selection process was approved & published at the start of 2007. In July 2007, 3 junior RC glider pilots (Conrad Klintworth, Simon Tladi, & Kurt Stockton) achieved the qualifying criteria and were selected to represent SA at the 2008 F3J World Championship in Turkey. At this time no other juniors achieved the necessary qualification level, and the position of reserve pilot is still available.

Since F3J as a team event, it is important that a reserve be available for the F3J team should one of the selected members not be able to fulfil their team obligations. The MGA have extended the F3J Junior Team selection period and will consider the results of any junior RC glider pilot that competes in the remaining 2007 F3J events sanctioned on the 2007 MGA calendar for the position of (non-travelling) reserve. The selection will be announced in January 2008 by the MGA.

To ensure consistency with the existing selection process, the following criteria are applicable:

  • The 2008 F3J Junior Team qualification criteria must be fulfilled (including: the Junior RC Glider Pilot must comply with the FAI F3J rules, a minimum of 80% of the winning score of the event must be achieved, the pilot must be a SAMAA member in good standing, and the pilot may not be older than 18 years on 1 January 2008)
  • The single best score achieved across the events will determine the selection of the Junior Team Reserve
  • The positions of the selected F3J junior team pilots as published in the minutes of the 2007 MGA AGM are not affected by this process, and these pilots are permitted to participate in any of the remaining F3J events in 2007
  • National colours can only be requested for those individuals who represent SA during the respective World Championship

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the MGA regarding this matter.