The MGA BLOG is intended to provide the MGA with a mechanism for communicating with anyone interested in RC Gliding (Soaring) in South Africa. As the designated Special Interest Group (SIG) representing gliding in SA, the MGA is responsible for:
  • representing the interests of all RC glider pilots within SAMAA (the SA RC governing body)
  • providing a structure in which SA RC glider pilots can compete (locally & internationally)
  • generating interest in RC gliding in South Africa (including thermal, slope & electric assisted)
We intend to expand the MGA BLOG to provide a reference site & document archive. The MGA BLOG will be used to host opinion polls for matters concerning the national group of RC glider pilots. We start the BLOG with the question about F3J being a team sport & recognising each team members contribution. Our next poll will be addressed at revising the National Postals approach - we endeavour to ensure that sufficient time is allowed for discussion & decion making.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to look at our BLOG & welcome suggestions for improvement.