2007 HTL #7 - Heidelberg Triathlon

Che's Farm just southeast of Heidelberg. GPS Coordinates 26 33'58.47" S 28 25'17.10" E.

From Johanneburg get onto the N3 to Durban. Proceed just past Heidelberg and take the Heidelberg South/Standerton R23 offramp. Turn left at the offramp and after about 3km turn left at the Rensburg sign. The field is on the left hand side of the road.

The Field
The field is flat with a very slight east to west gradient and used for growing grass for fodder. There is a small range of hills north of the proposed flat field probably reachable by only the bravest of pilots. It will be downwind if the wind blows in from the south (normally only when cold fronts pass through). The grass length is perfect now but may be a bit long by the 2nd of December. I will inspect the field on the weekend 17/18 November and if necessary arrange a 250m square to be cut in the middle of the field.

The Farm
Owned by Cheryl Burgess, the farm is used for small scale cattle and sheep farming. It has a Montessori nursery school for about 15 kids and is also an orphanage. It has stabling facilities and mostly friendly farm animals such as bantams, peacocks, pigs (house pet is Nellie Naidoo, the miniature pot belly pig from Natal). Cutest presently is the baby lamb with the jersey. Lots of other baby animals at the moment as well.

Ablution facilities are available at the stables (probably about 200 meter walk from the flying field). The braai can either take place on the flying field or we can all move up to the stable area - probably best on the flying field so the guys that couldn't get enough can fly while we braai. Cheryl will try and arrange short horse rides for adults but at least provide shetland pony rides for the smaller kids. The area is very scenic and there are lovely short walks in the surrounding fields. Longer walks can be taken around the back of the farm or up the hill. The farmyard can be visited by the kids and the pet animals just hang around the house area of the farm. The farm is rich in history. There are remnants of a boer war lookout camp on the top of the hill and the many caves on the side of the hill dug out by gold miners can safely be explored (torches required).

The Contest
Format, scoring etc. all by Gert Niewoudt. Please forward your 4 x person team details to Gert asap.

Braai packs will be provided but we have to know the number of adults & children to cater for the braai packs properly – you can send this information to me, or preferably directly to Martie before Thursday, 29 November 2007

Fly safely