MGA meeting minutes for Sep 2007 (abridged)

Financial (Volney Klintworth)

Balance b/f previous meeting 4th June 2007 3,295.48
Income for the year 700.15
Expenditure 1,145.95
Closing balance carried forward 2,849.68

Noted that SAMAA R 5,000 SIG grant for 2007 has not been received. This has been raised to the attention of SAMAA.

The F3B worlds team has confirmed receipt of the SAMAA R 15,000 team grant.

F3J (Mark Stockton)

The F3J team trials were held and the results ratified:
  1. Craig Goodrum
  2. Chris Adrian
  3. Michelle Goodrum
  4. Mark Stockton
  5. Paul Carnall
  6. Deon Liebenberg
  7. Ian Lessem

The team must elect a manager; who will liaise with Mark. It was noted that the team manager cannot also be a towman. However the junior team manager can be a towman for the senior team. It was further noted that the junior team needs a manager who will be able to take care of the special needs of younger team members.

Thanks are due to Evan for acting as CD and Lionel who handled the scoring. Other helpers who assisted with timing were: Tony Roberts, Peter Joffe, Piet Rheeders, Anthea Shaw, Marcella van Wyk, Gordon Prahm and Martjie de Klerk.

F3B (Evan Shaw)

An A and B F3B league is planned for next year; with the A league catering for the present(serious) F3B competitors and the B league structured to encourage the participation of club pilots who wish to fly for fun and do not feel quite ready to take out the Goodies etc just yet.
The 21st October has been allocated as the F3B round zero competition date to establish handicaps for next year.

The league events will consist of only speed and distance tasks, as thermal duration is catered for in the Highveld Thermal League.

Slope Soaring (Izak Theron)

There was an incident of reckless & negligent behaviour (drinking & flying) reported at the Volksrust slope. As Volksrust is not a club site it is not controlled by any specific club. The MGA raised the incident to the club represented by the individual who have taken appropriate disciplinary action.

Postals (John Lightfoot)

The proposals for rule alterations received from John Lightfoot were discussed. It was noted, however, that at the MGA annual general meeting it was decided not to change the rules. Concern was raised by John that the AGM was not representative& requested that the MGA use the BLOG poll to further elicit response.

Cross country (Paul Carnell)

A cross country competition was proposed by BERG. Noted that SAMAA now require a formal request to have the course route approved. The BERG event will have to be rescheduled for next year to accomodate this.

Achievement badges (Evan Shaw)

Badges to be forwarded to the clubs whose members applied for retrospective "SOLO" recognition.

Calendar (Evan Shaw)

Evan proposed a calendar for 2008; which is still to be finalised through open forum. It was noted that Saturday competitions are not as popular as Sunday events. ALso noted that events of national interest should attempt to accomodate school holidays.


Articles are required from MGA members. There are numerous channels catering for RC glider pilots:
  • South Easter
  • Glider Gumph
  • SAMAA News
  • MGA Blog

World Air Games

The next World Air games will be held in Turkey during 2009. Amongst many types of flying, both full size and models, will be an event for hand launched gliders flying to the F6d rules. We have sufficient information available to set about nominating names for the event.

There must be a national competition and scores sent to F.I.A.; who will decide which pilots to invite from all the countries around the world. We should have between two and four events to be flown in 2008 to F6d rules. Dates must be sent to FIA by 15th November 2007. It was suggested that four events be flown to allow for greater consistency in scoring. The dates are to be arranged into the 2008 calendar. F3k and F6d events are to be combined (F6d being the last two rounds of F3k), followed by a fly-off.

An MGA representative to CIAM is needed. Mark Stockton was unanimously appointed. His name was sent to Bob Skinner.