2009 F3B team selection notice

The 2009 F3B team trials is open to all SAMAA members in good standing and who have a MGA Solo Glider rating or higher.

The 2009 F3B team selection follows the previous years' processes based on identified events flown during 2008. The results from the 2 qualification events; Nats on 2 May and Qualifier #2 on 17 August; will be used to invite the top 10 pilots to attend the Team Trials on 19 October.

The top 3 results will be used to identify the 2009 F3B team members (where the top 3 is a combination of the individuals' team trial results & their best of one of the qualification events). The 4th place will be 1st reserve (non-travelling), and 5th will be 2nd reserve (non-travelling).

All pilots intending to participate in the team trials are expected to sign the team undertaking (SAMAA MOP PO.8, Team Selection - Individual Undertaking) prior to the team trials.

Good luck & safe flying