Notice of 2008 HTL competition - Groen Goud

On a virtually unending horizon of green, the spec glides gracefully across the blue sky. Enjoy warm clear weather, huge thermals & the gentlest of breezes.

That's the stuff of RC dreams & the predictions for the next HTL at Groen Goud, just west of Centurion if last year was anything to go by. Please reserve Sunday, 2 March 2008 from 08h30 until 15h00 for one of the best RC thermal experiences this side of the Hennops (you need not apply for a visa, but I'd recommend not displaying any visible support for the Cheetahs - this is Bulls territory & they them grow big).

The competion format will be to the 2006/2007 F3J rules - optimise 10 minutes working time. Landings are scored to the nearest metre, with any overflights severely penalised. The SA team's will be hand towing, whilst the others are welcome to use 150m winches. Cars are permitted to drop winches off, but these must be driven sloooowly so as not to damage the grass. Also, no quad's etc. are permitted on the grass for line retrieval etc. Frequency control will be the central responsibility of the CD - only matrixed pilots may participate (entries are first-come, first-served & "sorry for you" if you did not specific an alternate frequency).

The matrix will permit 4 pilot teams, with any number of helpers / supporters / spectators are welcome. Martie will confirm catering, Malcolm will confirm entry fee per model class.

Teams to email confirmation of entries to me: please include your Team's name, pilots with their indate SAMAA # (it will be checked), primary & alternate frequencies, model class (Open, RES100, 2M). Any number of classes may be flown - but you are responsible for your full team support for each class.

Pilots briefing from 09h00, first slot 09h30.

Safe flying