Guidelines for disrupted competitions

Following the request from the 2008 AGM, the following guidelines are proposed when handling competitive RC Gliding events & these should be disrupted for any reason. Should you have any suggestions or issues regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact an MGA representative.

Guidelines for disrupted competitions
  1. Any event hosted under any FAI/CIAM requirements (selections, etc) are subject to the applicable FAI / CIAM rules
  2. For MGA scheduled competitions, the nominated CD is responsible for the decision to "delay" (the event is held on the same scheduled dates, but the flights are scheduled for later that day/scheduled date), "postpone" (the event is scheduled to be flown on another date), or "cancel" (no further flights are scheduled)
  3. Should it not be possible to complete all the advised flights the following guidelines should be applied:
  • The results of all completed rounds (league competition, nationals, etc) are automatically counted if more than 60% of the scheduled flights have been completed
  • If less than 30% of flights are flown , then the results of all rounds flown are automatically discarded
  • If more than 30% of flights but less than 60% of flights are completed, then the attending pilots must immediately agree to count or discard the results of the rounds fully completed