Selection process for RC Gliding National Teams

The following process has been agreed for the selection of National RC Gliding Teams that represent South Africa. Should you have any serious concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact an MGA representative.

General guidelines

  • All selections must be completed sufficiently prior to the applicable World Championship, to enable adequate teams practices
  • Selection events should ideally be scheduled for two days duration, were the second day is available for additional rounds to be completed
  • In the event that no rounds can be flown on both days, the entire selection event should be postponed to a later date to be agreed by the pilots who attended the event
  • The CD is responsible for determining if a selection event should be delayed or postponed to a later date
  • The discipline of the World Championship to be attended will define the relevant FAI/CIAM rules applicable during selection events
  • Each selection event must comply with the applicable FAI/CIAM Rules & any local rules must be agreed by all pilots prior to the event
  • If necessary, qualification round may be flown in teams, but the Team Trials must be flown using the “man-on-man” format defined within the applicable FAI/CIAM rules
  • The National Team composition/structure is based on the applicable FAI/CIAM Rules
  • Only indate SAMAA members are eligible for National teams selection (i.e. for each qualification event & Team Trials)
  • The eligibility and allocation of National Colours are subject to SASCOC conditions & requirements
  • Members of a National RC Glider Teams are required to comply with the stipulations defined within the SAMAA MOP
  • The dates of scheduled selection events will be published in the annual MGA Calendar

In the event the MGA determines that more than 3 pilots are potentially able to qualify for the team, the selection process for participation as a member of the National RC Glider team to represent the Republic of South Africa at an FAI World championships are:

  1. There will be 3 selection events held preceding the World Championships
  2. The first two events are scheduled as Qualifiers and the last will be a Team Trial event
  3. Using each pilot’s best score from either of the two qualifying rounds, the top ten ranked pilots will be eligible for participation in the Team Trials event
  4. Final Team selection is based on the combined results of the Team Trials and the best results from either of the two Qualification events (i.e. the lowest qualifier score will be deemed a “throw-away”)
  5. Depending on the applicable FAI/CIAM rules, but typically, the top 3 pilots qualify as members of the National Team, 4th place will be 1st reserve (non-travelling), 5th place will be 2nd reserve (non-traveling), etc.
  6. It is recommended that one of the two Qualifying events coincide with the RC Gliding Nationals and the other as a stand alone event
  7. It is recommended that the Team Trials are held at a neutral venue

In the event that the MGA determines that not more than 3 pilots are available to qualify for the team, then in terms of development, the MGA may still consider approving the team where each pilot at the preceeding National Championship in the appropriate discipline achieved a minimum of 80% of that National Championships winner’s score.

Additional team members who are not pilots & who may be eligible for National Colours are selected by the qualified pilots. The MGA will agree this selection only when the additional team member(s) are:

  • relevant to the discipline to be participated in
  • are permited in terms of the applicable FAI/CIAM rules

and one of the following:

  • qualified to participate in the applicable Team Trials, or
  • have actively participated as pilots in local & national competitions of the appropriate discipline to a level considered acceptable by the MGA, or
  • have adequately demonstrated their proposed team role in local & national competitions of the appropriate discipline to a level considered acceptable by the MGA during the selection period.

The team may still motivate the selection of individuals outside of these criteria, but must recognise that the awarding of National Colours to these individuals will not be usual, and it must be also be understood that normal Team funds might not be available for these individuals