2018 F3K Team Trials Invitation

Note : The PDF version of this announcement, including the ranking calculation is here.

The 2019 FIA F3K world championships will be held in Hungary in 2019. It is our intention to enter a South African team into that competition. 

The following pilots are hereby invited to compete in the 2018 team trials event at GEMS, Bapsfontein on 14 October 2018, to determine the pilots for that team.


Craig Goodrum
Alan Smith
Julian Roeloffze
Mike Vos
Theo Wolthers
Brett Lewis
Neil Murray
Jacques Rooseboom
John Staples
John Monk


Aldo Vos
Mathew Goodrum
James Steel
Oliver Booysen

  • Please confirm your intention to compete (or not) no later than midnight 20 September 2018 on the MGASA Yahoo mail group.
  • If your name is in this list and you have no intention of going to Hungary in 2019, kindly make this known no later than midnight 20 September 2018 on the MGASA Yahoo mail group so that other pilots can be given the chance to compete in this team trial. Please bear in mind that participation at this overseas event is largely self-funded and that you’d personally need to be able to fund your travel expenses, entry fees and the cost of models for the competition.
  • Should you have any concerns or objections to this list of pilots, the scores used or the process followed, kindly lodge that objection no later than midnight 20 September 2018 on the MGASA Yahoo mail group.
  • With respect to junior pilots, a guardian should reply on their behalf please.

The scores, calculations, selection criteria, rules and process used are as follows...

During 2018, three team qualifier events, as published in the 2018 MGASA event calendar and on the SAMAA website, were held as follows:-

Team Qualifier 1 - MGASA Nationals - BOMAC, Paarl, 27 Apr - 1 May 2018
Team Qualifier 2 - GEMS, Bapsfontein, 3 Jun 2018
Team Qualifier 3 - GEMS, Bapsfontein, 26 Aug 2018

Results from these three events were used in the determination of the 10 pilots invited to the team trial.

The best score for each pilot was used to determine the team trial standings.  This score was normalised to 1000 points for ease of comparison. The top 10 scoring pilots have been invited to the team trials.

The rules set out on the MGASA blog were used - see those rules here - http://mgasa.blogspot.com/2011/03/qualification-of-national-rc-glider.html.