WhatsApp Groups 2020

WhatsApp group join links and more info

F3K (hand launch gliders) - http://bit.ly/mga-f3k
F5K (electric launch gliders) - http://bit.ly/mga-f5j
Events (Event coverage, announcements and scores) - http://bit.ly/mga-events
Announcements (Like Events but with no chit chat) - http://bit.ly/mga-news
Info (RC Gliding and Soaring Chit chat) - http://bit.ly/mga-chat
RC Glider buy and Sell - http://bit.ly/mga-glider-buysell
RC General Buy and Sell - http://bit.ly/mga-rc-buysell
MGA NATS (Nationals Info and chat) - http://bit.ly/mga-nats

There are also Inland- and Western Cape Slope Soaring groups. We have a postals competition group too. And some club groups e.g. GEMS (thermal soaring in Bapsfontein), AFC (slope soaring club in CT), TOSS (slope soaring club in CT). Some of these are closed to members only, but please reach out if these are of interest to you and we'll put you in touch with their group admins.

If there are any other model gliding / soaring groups, please share them with me (flymga@gmail.com | 076-191-5277).

Thanks Brett (MGA chairman).
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