UPDATE - 24 JUNE 2020

I will attend a SAMAA SIG (special interest group) meeting on 2 July, and I will offer more feedback after that meeting (especially around NATS, team selections and world champs) and hopefully about the recent SAMAA SMC meeting, lockdown and resumption of flying.

  • LOCKDOWN FLYING - Formal flying is still not permitted. We eagerly await more news from SAMAA and the AeroClub after last week's update.

  • 2020 NATS - We had 'plan B' dates of 8-10 Aug 2020 for the MGA NATS in KZN - this is looking very slim at this time. More probably are 2021 dates of 24/25/26 April 2021. More info to follow as and when decisions have been made around this.

  • WORLD CHAMPS - The FIA is still deliberating new dates for upcoming world champs, including the 2020 F3J, 2021 F3K, 2021 F3J and 2021 F3B W-CH's. Updates will be shared on this when available.

  • TEAM SELECTIONS - 2020 is a team selection year for F3K and F5J - we will resume those events as soon as the regulations and necessary permissions allow.
Should you have any questions that need answers, or have any points that you would like me to raise with SAMAA, kindly forward those to me and I'll do my best to get those answered / addressed.

Kind regards,
Brett Lewis (Chairman MGASA)


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