2010 MGA Classes


Some discussion has arisen with the definitions of the different classes within MGA sanctioned competitive events. I trust this will serve to address these queries.

Model Class
  • 2M - a RC glider for which the "projected" wing span does not exceed 2,000 mm. Unlimited control surfaces are permitted
  • 2MRE - a subclass of the 2m glider, with the same wingspan limitation & also limiting control surfaces to Rudder & Elevator only
  • RES - an RC glider which only uses Rudder, Elevator & Spoiler control surfaces. There is no limitation on wingspan
  • Open - any FAI class RC glider model

Pilot class
  • As per the FAI / SAMAA definition, a Junior would be any individual pilot who is not older than 18 years on 1 January of that calendar year. This status is maintained until 31 December of that year
  • The MGA have elected to introduce the "rookie" class for 2010. This is to encourage people who by 1 January of the calendar year had never flown in any competitive RC Gliding/Soaring event before, and forms a sub-class to the events sanctioned by the MGA. Notice that the status is maintained for 1 calendar year from 1 January until 31 December as per Junior.
  • A senior pilot is also as per the FAI / SAMAA definition and refers to all pilots who are not within the other class(es).

Launch class
  • Winch launch is considered to be roughly similar to the FAI F3B class, where an electrical motor is used to pull a length of monofilament chord, accelerating the model RC glider into the sky. Typically winch launches require the launch line not to exceed 200 metres from the turnaround to the release point (parachute/ring/loop) although some events will specify variations on this.
  • A towed launch requires two towmen (two for safety reasons) instead of a winch, who pull the model RC glider into the sky. This is roughly based on the F3J class, where the line length does not exceed a total of 150 metres. Local events may specify variations to the line length.
  • A bungy launch uses a combination of a line & an elastic chord, which stretched should not exceed a total of 200m or as per local competition rules.
  • Electric launch (this is different to the Electric Extreme class were motor restarts are permitted) uses an electric motor to power the model to a height of approx 200 metres whereafter the motor is automatically cut by an onboard electronic circuit & may not be restarted
  • Hand launch/Discuss launch is used where the glider is thrown into the sky by an individual (usually the pilot themselves)

Should you have any further suggestions or feel that any of the above explanations are not sufficiently clear, please do not hesitate to contact the MGA or discuss this via the MGASA forum.

Fly safely